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Wizard of Odds Casino Games Videos

Mike the Wizard

Not only can you read all about how to play casino table games, but now you can watch our comprehensive exclusive collection of videos. And what not a better host than the master gambling wizard of all time Michael Shackleford!

Pros Lead the Way

Videos are conducted and broadcast in a range of settings including inside a Vegas Casino with professional dealers and/or the creator of unique games. Detailed instructions will guide your every step of the way. The rules are thoroughly explained, and actual hands are dealt and played out.

Some broadcasts are conducted exclusively by Mike Shackleford elaborating on the odds of RTP (return-to-player) and house edge. He will take the guesswork out with mathematical precision of outcomes.

Game Collection

Traditional and unique twists on existing games are analyzed including:

…with many more options to choose to choose from.

Improve Your Gameplay

In no time at all the apprentice will be trained by the best in the business. Ideal for a newbie or an experienced player who needs to brush up or simply change technique.

The pros will lead the way by going over:

  • Basic rules
  • Strategy
  • Tips
  • Odds
  • Best bets

Benefits of Gambling Videos

Video-based teaching adds another layer of understanding through visual training. It is an excellent resource for expanding the know-how it takes to sharpen gameplay. Additionally, each video has a transcript of each session.

Discover the answers to lingering questions and get the clarity needed to enhance not only skill but confidence necessary to win.


Wizard of Odds Video Interview

Cutting Edge


Fastest Video Poker Player


2016 Cutting Edge table game show

Craps 2016 version

Wizard of Odds Video Interview

Elite Edge Videos

In January 2014 I tried to make up for the low-budget videos I did in 2011. I hired Elite Edge Productions to help with the audio, video, and editing. These are much better than my old ones. Any fault in them I place on myself.

Heather Ferris Videos

These videos were made by my assistant Heather Ferris. They were all shot at the 2014 and 2015 Raving Table Games show.




In October 2011 I spent two days making instructional gambling videos. They were edited months later. My apologies for the low production values.




American Casino Guide Videos

From time to time Steve Bourie, of the American Casino Guide, visits Vegas and asks me to do some videos with him. His production values are much better than mine, which may explain why they get about 20 times as many views each. Enjoy.

Wizard of Odds Academy

Wizard of Odds Academy

Written by: Michael Shackleford