LiveStream -- 03/19/2020

Live Stream
Date: March 19, 2020
Topic: Ask me anything

Topics of Discussion

  • Coronavirus in Vegas
  • People who wear glasses
  • The Wizard's best gambling win
  • Coronavirus closing down the Vegas casinos
  • Poetic license in Vegas movies
  • Dealer strategy in blackjack
  • Coronavirus mathematics
  • 6/5 blackjack and casino profitability
  • Coronavirus and Vegas schools
  • The Wizard counting cards
  • How to get the Wizard of Odds newsletter
  • Craps: Laying all the numbers on the come out roll
  • Wizard of Odds livestream prize giveaway and virus schedule
  • Thoughts on live poker
  • Update: Casino 99
  • Pai Gow Tiles: splitting high 9s, gongs and wongs
  • Update: Heather's book
  • Finding Spanish 21 tables in Vegas
  • Exposing online casino cheating
  • Craps: bankroll size for $5 and $10 tables
  • The color of money and counterfeit cash
  • Can you card count online blackjack?
  • How casinos choose a house way
  • Scientific Gaming and buying casino stocks
  • Bankroll management betting strategies
  • Blackjack: calculating the true count
  • How many gumballs are in the jar?
  • Will the Coronavirus boost online gambling?
  • Thoughts on new carnival games
  • Do sportsbooks back off winners?
  • Flashing blackjack dealers