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Banking MastercardIntroduction

In the world of banking and financial institutions, competitors are constantly looking for ways to get ahead and establish their brand in relation to the rest. While this has been a general tendency over the years, recent times have seen the field of payment processing expand drastically, with e-commerce rapidly advancing as a retail sector.

In order to meet user demands...... the industry has broadened to include various additional payment processing solutions. Some are existing brands which have incorporated new processing mechanics, while others are completely novice payment processors looking to win over some share of this vibrant market.

About MasterCard

MasterCard, specifically, is a deeply rooted brand in the banking and finance management industry, with origins dating back to the distant 1969. The solution was first founded as a joint effort of four different banking institutions in the US – Wells Fargo, The Bank of California, The United California Bank and The Crocker National Bank. The basic drive towards this endeavor was to counter the credit monopoly imposed by Bank of America, which later promoted MasterCard’s main opponent, VISA.

Master Charge...

... as this payment solution was first known, swiftly grew to become a massive cooperative establishment across the US, and later expanding to foreign countries. Nowadays, the company is partnered with over 25,000 individual banking institutions globally, and is an acceptable payment option in over 180 countries. In line with this achievement is the most recent name change, MasterCard Worldwide, in order for the company to emphasize its coverage and service capacities.

Credit & Debit Cards

MasterCard currently issues diverse plastic card products under its brand, ranging across credit cards and debit, charge cards both. The latter include various sub-brands such as Switch, Solo, Eurocard and Everything card. Still, its top popular product Maestro resulted from the merge of the first two, and is nowadays the only serious competitor to the Visa debit card solutions.

As for credit cards...

... MasterCard issues several varieties of the same financial product. Each of these differs in its properties, and the range and type of customers it fits best. Thus, while one may suit regular every-day users, a different one is optimized for frequent travelers due to its widespread acceptance at international hospitality establishments. Better yet, a third type could meet the needs of business-oriented users, or loyal and regular spenders and reward them with points, prizes and even cashback on their purchases. MasterCard credit card variants include:

  • MasterCard Standard
  • Gold MasterCard
  • Platinum MasterCard
  • World MasterCard
  • World Elite MasterCard

How to Get a MasterCard Credit Card?

Nowadays, there is practically very little chance that there is no bank or similar financial institution in your neighbourhood partnering with this payment processing conglomerate. Thus, all you must do to get a MasterCard is to go to your nearest chosen bank and ask about their specific credit card variants.

The application process...

... is fast and rather simple, as all you actually need to do is open an account with the given bank by filling in a form. Once you have provided all the information, the bank will review your application and accept or deny your request. Most of the time, users have no problem getting approved on their applications, so after applying, all you need to do is wait for the actual credit card to be issued.

Banks have different policies...

... when it comes to issued credit cards – some will require the user to personally get it from the nearest branch office by showing some ID. Others, however, feel comfortable sending the card by mail, yet most of the latter type tend to send the card and its PIN number separately, to reduce the risk of misuse.

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As a Payment Method

MasterCard has continued in the same fashion of widespread use, even after the rise of the e-commerce industry. In fact, its payment traffic increased significantly as people started using MasterCard credit cards as a secure and beneficial way of paying for goods and services online.

iGaming platforms...

... such as online casinos, poker rooms, bingo and the likes, are one major category that arose as a result of the Internet’s capabilities. They provide real money online gambling action to their player pool, and thus need to place at their disposal a wide range of payment options that suit their needs.

MasterCard’s widespread availability...

...allows online gambling operators to achieve precisely that through a simple deposit and withdraw process. Considering that MasterCard online payments were being processed long before online casinos came to the fore, most players are already familiar with the actual steps of the process.


MasterCard Online Casino Deposits

Depositing with MasterCard at your chosen platform is just the same as with any other credit card company in general. All you need to make sure prior to starting the procedure is that you have the plastic card at your reach, as you will need to enter the 16 digit card number, as well as the CVV2 code on the back side of the card. Additionally, when executing such payments, players will need to know their PIN code in order to authorize the deposit.

Should you have all the necessary information, all it takes is to put the pieces together in a few steps:

Step 1: Enter the Cashier section at your online casino and choose MasterCard as a deposit method.

Step 2: Complete the fields on the popup with the information required for identification.

Step 3: Enter your online banking, specify the amount of funds you wish to transfer, and confirm the transaction. Sometimes, confirmations may include the PIN, a separate password, or a two-factor authentication code for one-time use.

Step 4: Go back to your online casino player account, where the funds should be credited in real time and available for instant gameplay.


MasterCard withdrawals from online casino platforms and similar iGaming establishments have recently been made unavailable as part of the company’s policy. It all started back in 2005, with the UIGEA Act that banned such payment processors from facilitating payments made by US citizens to these types of establishments. Soon afterwards, MasterCard restricted such transactions to deposits-only.


Despite the lack of a withdrawal option...

...MasterCard has managed to retain its traffic volumes and loyal user base. This is mainly due to the massive benefits that online casino players can enjoy as part of their depositing, online payment or even land-based banking experience.


With such top class service, there are bound to be a number of advantages for its user pool. While the prizes and point counts may differ across different types of credit and debit cards, the main advantages of using this payment option does have its perks:

  • Availability: MasterCard is a rather simple and familiar way of performing payments, and the process of obtaining one such credit card is no more than an application at your local bank. With such accessible and widely available options, credit cards from MasterCard are bound to be everyone’s first choice when they need to fund their online casino player accounts.
  • Security: On top of that, funding online casino action isn’t all about the availability and simplicity of the procedure. An equally key consideration in this regard is the security guaranteed by the payment processing service. With high-end encryption, additional security and privacy measures, and all kinds of authentication and payment verification options, MasterCard ensures its users that their personal information or funds will not end up in the wrong hands.
  • Instant payment processing: As the industry progressed, reliable and easy-to-use transactions became the standard, not only the required predispositions. Thus, the time it took for the facilitator to process the payment became all the more a key consideration. With MasterCard’s massive global network of representative offices and territory coverage, there is no denying that all your deposits and payments will reach their destination momentarily.
  • Cashback: Just as a reward for trusting the company with your funds, MasterCard has included Cashback benefits in nearly all its credit and debit card solutions. This has helped them achieve greater player satisfaction just as cashback bonuses have helped online gambling operators retain and convert their players into regulars.
  • Payment amounts: Deposit and withdrawal amount limits are normally imposed by the operator’s individual policies. Nevertheless, they are often complemented by the limits set by the actual specific payment processor. When it comes to MasterCard deposits, players can transact with rather voluminous deposit amounts, and thus save you the trouble of funding your player account multiple times before being able to enjoy the game selection.


Transaction fees: The MasterCard users who deposit and pay online using this payment method will need to pay a specific fee for every transaction they make. Additionally, they are also required to pay a fee for regular transactions, especially those made across your native country’s borders. Ultimately, when withdrawing cash from an ATM, MasterCard users will need to be prepared for a charge.

  • Specific US policy: As already mentioned, ever since legal issues in the US gambling sphere, the MasterCard payment facilitation service has developed a certain policy towards this marketplace. Currently, they tend to avoid most US-oriented online gambling platforms, although they do offer deposit transactions at some websites. Still, the US player pool is a long way away from making use of all the benefits of MasterCard online casino payments.
  • Lack of withdrawal options: The fact that MasterCard has restricted its online casino transactions to deposits-only is one further setback. Still, this is done to maintain legality of its services.
  • Transparency vs. lack of anonymity: In order to remain transparent before the legal authorities, the company needs to obtain all information about their customers and service users. This includes keeping a centralized record of all their transactions in the form of bank statements, which ultimately have an impact on the individual’s credibility.


Are there any MasterCard online casino bonuses I can claim?

Online casino players are normally able to benefit from the full range of player bonuses and promotions when using MasterCard as their chosen online casino payment method. This goes for both no-deposit and deposit-related offers, as well as other exclusive player benefits.

What is the fee I am supposed to pay to deposit with MasterCard?

The fee for deposits varies on the basis of several factors – the country of your residence, the current location while depositing, the specific online casino website destination, as well as the actual amount you are depositing at the casino.

Is there a customer support service I can turn to in case of issues?

Yes, MasterCard users can turn to a rather reliable and directly available customer support team of representatives available via all contemporary contact options.

How many casino sites accept MasterCard payments?

Nowadays, a large percentage of the online casino community accepts MasterCard payments. In fact, the lack of this option among the casino’s Cashier section could cause some doubt regarding the service altogether.

What are the top available alternatives to this payment method?

Credit Cards such as MasterCard are a standard, traditional payment method available since the early days of online payments. Today, players can choose from a variety of other options – e-wallets, cryptocurrencies, online payment processors and prepaid cards among others.