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This calculator is producing some fishy results. Please don't use it until I fix it.

To use this calculator, enter both the fair point spread and the alternate point spread. Generally, the alternate point spread must be within seven points of the fair point spread. However, if the line movement touches a line of 0, you can go to a maximum difference of 7.5, and if it crosses 0, you can go to a difference of 8 points. For example, if the fair spread is -3, you can enter alternate spreads from -10 to +5.

Fair Spread


Alternate Spread



Probability of winning =
Fair line =

Also see my page on alternate totals in the NFL.

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nfl_icon.png American Football : NFL
Upcoming matches Game Money Line Spread Total
Fri Sep 6th 7pm Philadelphia Eagles - green-bay-packers -110 100 (-1.5) -107 (48)