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Blackjack House Edge

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Enter any set of blackjack rules from the options below. The house edge under proper basic strategy for these rules is indicated in the box below.

Number of decks of cards used: 1 2 4 5 6 8
Dealer hits or stands on a soft 17: Stands Hits
Player can double after a split: No Yes
Player can double on: Any first two cards 9-11 only 10-11 only
Player can resplit to: 2 3 4 hands
Player can resplit aces: No Yes
Player can hit split aces: No Yes
Player loses only original bet against dealer BJ: No Yes
Surrender rule: None Late
Blackjack pays: 3 to 2 6 to 5

Optimal results:

Basic strategy with cut card:

Basic strategy with continuous shuffler:

Methodology: The "optimal results" are based on perfect composition dependent strategy and the dealer shuffling after every hand, which benefits the player. The "basic strategy with cut card" results are based on total dependent basic strategy, like the tables on this site, and the use of a cut card, which favors the dealer. The "basic strategy with continuous shuffler" results are based on total dependent basic strategy, and the dealer shuffling after every hand.

For the correct basic strategy for any common set of rules, please see my blackjack basic strategy calculator.