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Dealer Exposes Both Cards


Dealer Exposes Both Cards

Sometimes either accidentally or as part of a promotion the dealer will expose both cards. This is not to be confused with double exposure, in which ties lose. The following is the basic strategy, based on an infinite number of decks, when both dealer cards are exposed and the dealer stands on soft 17.


The player advantage of this game is about 10.1%, give or take a little depending on the specific rules.

I get asked a lot why this strategy calls for hitting 11 against a total of 10, when in regular blackjack the player should double. In blackjack, we can assume the dealer does not have an ace as his hole card. That increases the expected value of doubling. In double exposure, there is no such guarantee the dealer does not have an ace as his third card, giving him a 21, making doubling more risky.

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