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As an online casino player, one of the perks you’re getting is the freedom of choosing the site you’d want to join, according to your preferences in terms of games and payment methods. If you’ve found a site that offers your favourite games plus MasterCard Debit as a payment method option, you’ve won the lottery! This is a debit card offered by none other than MasterCard, one of the few leading card brands, and one of the longest-standing card processors that has expanded all over the world. If interested in knowing more about this card to consider using it, stay with us. Why choose MasterCard Debit as your online casino payment method?

About MasterCard Debit

Visit any eCommerce site right now or any land-based store or restaurant, and you’ll find MasterCard’s logo displayed among the offered payment methods. That’s because this is a global, one of the oldest and most renowned card brands, offered basically everywhere you look. It was launched way back in 1966, in the US, by one of the most powerful banks in the States, Bank of California, Wells Fargo, United California Bank and Crocker National Bank. They started out as a membership organization, with over 25,000 financial institutions buying their shares in it, and first launched the Master Charge Cards, similar to credit cards.

Years passed and the charge cards became a huge hit. Word of their excellence got to other countries, too. So, as the organization behind it started launching other cards, too, types of credit cards, it changed the name of the product to MasterCard and went international with it. The card in our interest today, MasterCard Debit, was launched in 1979, but as soon as it was, it became an instant success.

Just like any other card, the debit card only functions in close collaboration with banks. You must have a bank account with any bank that issues MasterCard cards in order to get issued with your debit card. The best part is, most, if not all, banks in the world issue MasterCard Debit cards! So, no matter the bank you already have an account with, you could easily apply for your card, without having to go through any other bank account application procedures.

Before we get into detail about the getting started procedure, you must understand the main difference between debit and credit cards. With debit cards, the money you have in your bank account is all that you can spend, while with credit cards, that's not all; you can get in debt with the bank and spend more than you have on your account, as agreed on with the bank.

That’s one of the main reasons why credit cards are no longer welcome in the online gambling industry and why some jurisdictions even announced complete bans on credit card gambling, and why debit cards are more popular now. You will find MasterCard Debit cards offered across the finest online casinos, since it can be used by players from over 180 countries across the globe, and is offered in the most powerful online gambling markets. If you’d want to use it as well, continue reading to figure out what you need to do to get started with it.

Getting Started with It

If you’ve ever used a card, any credit or debit card for that matter, you’ll know the steps you need to make to get started with MasterCard Debit. You know that the first step you need to make is to visit your bank, any bank you have an account with, and check whether it is authorized to issue MasterCard cards. If yes, and that’s highly likely, it will be able to issue a debit card to you. You can also first check whether your bank allows for online card application; regardless of whether you go with the physical visit or the online option, you’d need to get your application form and fill it out with the required personal details. Then, you'd need to choose the debit card from the card options, to specify the card type you're applying for.

You will notice then that another choice needs to be made: the type of debit card. There are Enhanced, World Debit and Standard MasterCard Debit cards you could choose from, offering different perks, rates and limits, so you better do your own little research to figure out which one would suit you most before you apply for it.

The best part here is that you won’t need to provide any credit history records; since you won’t be using a line of credit but only applying for a debit card where you could only use the funds you have on your account, complete the application form and that would be it.

In a week or so, your card will be ready and either sent by the bank to your doorstep or you'd need to go to the bank again to claim it. Either way, it will come in a sealed envelope, containing codes for verification and authentication, which you need to keep safe and away from other people, to keep your money secure.

Now that you know how easy it is to get started with the card, let’s see next how to start using it across online casinos.

How to Deposit at Online Casinos with MasterCard Debit?

The first thing we need to emphasize here is MasterCard Debit’s availability across online casinos; you’ll find the card literally in every single casino (well, maybe not in crypto casinos, but anyways). This is one of the most popular payment methods, without a doubt, so whichever you go with that you like would probably offer it as a deposit option.

To make a deposit with MasterCard Debit, you’d need to go through these steps:

  1. Visit the casino’s Deposits page and look for MasterCard’s logo.
  2. Select the debit card as your deposit method.
  3. Enter the card's expiry date, number and your name as the cardholder; additionally, add the CCV2 code.
  4. Enter the amount you wish to deposit on your balance.
  5. Confirm the transfer and the money will get to your balance in an instant.

How to Withdraw Winnings with It?

Contrary to popular opinion, MasterCard Debit is an option for withdrawals across online casinos. Not all of them, though; it does not by default mean that if a casino accepted it for deposits will also accept it for withdrawals. You’d need to check for its availability as a withdrawal method before you tried to request one with your debit card.

Assuming you’ve found a casino that does accept it as a withdrawal method, you’d need to go through similar steps, only in step 4 you need to enter the amount you wish to withdraw from your balance. Now, to make things clear, your withdrawal won’t arrive immediately like the deposit did. The casino would first need to approve the request and then transfer the money to your bank account/debit card. This should, overall, take anywhere from 5 to 7 business days.

Fees and Limits

As you would expect, since all cards come with fees, there are fees involving the use of MasterCard Debit. These are, however, not charged by MasterCard itself, but by your bank, and depend on a few factors.

Depending on the debit card type you've chosen to use, many different rates and fees may apply. Also, the bank's own policy regarding fees should also be considered. And finally, of course, you'd need to check with your chosen casino to see whether any card-related fees are charged for deposits and withdrawals with your debit card.

Allowed Countries

We mentioned that over 180 countries and territories have welcomed the MasterCard Debit card, and that basically means that the card is offered all over the world. What’s more, most, if not all, banks in these countries are authorized to issue the debit card.

Beware, though, that you'd need to check whether debit cards are an option for you in your country of residence. Just like the case with credit cards, some jurisdictions have chosen not to allow players to use a debit card for online gambling transactions.

Accepted Currencies

All of the currencies in all of the 180 countries and territories where the solution is accepted are your option. Your native currency is the one you’re using on your bank account, and consequently, that would be your default currency when using your card.

Whether your native currency is the US dollar, the euro, the UK pound, the Australian dollar or the Indian rupee, you can rest assured that you’d be able to use it. In case you have a foreign bank account active, you could use that foreign currency, too, but of course, transactions with it would be subject to conversion fees.

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Who do I contact if I have some issues with my MasterCard Debit card?

You’d need to call MasterCard’s world-class Customer Support agents, via the US phone line 1-800-627-8372, or you could explore its comprehensive site and FAQs section, to get more information. You could also get in touch with your bank’s Support team or your chosen casino’s, to get answers on any transactions you might have had issues with while making deposits and withdrawals across online casinos.

Will I be able to explore the official website and the card types in my native language?

As a matter of fact, yes! MasterCard’s official website is global and attends to users from all across the world. Therefore, you’d need to go to the Country and Language tool on the homepage, to select your country and correspondingly explore the site in your native language.

How big fees should I expect?

The fees depend on many factors, as explained, and you need to consult with your bank about what types of fees are charged, but the average one is 2%. You need to know the charges for stolen/lost cards, maintenance, additional card issuance, etc., and you can do that by contacting your bank.

Will I be able to make deposits and withdrawals with the card via my mobile device?

Sure, why not? As long as you have your card with you and you’ve joined a mobile casino via your smartphone or tablet, you’d just need to type in the required details to make seamless deposits and withdrawals via your mobile device.

How can I know whether the casino I chose accepts MasterCard Debit for withdrawals?

You'd need to go to the casino's homepage, and usually at the bottom, you can see all the payment methods accepted. If not there, you would need to go to the casino's Withdrawal page to check whether the debit card is an option.

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