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Buy Lotto Online Review


Buy Lotto Online Review

BuyLottoOnline is an online lottery group that allows you to participate in US and international lotteries online. The site’s hook is that it allows American gamblers the chance to participate in European and Australian lotteries, which are otherwise unable to be purchased. The site took over offering tickets for Americans for other online lottery groups Wintrillions and LottoKings, which stopped accepting US bets in spring 2019.

The site is a bit basic in terms of its design, and I noticed some glitches that make playing difficult. Still, at the end of the day, the operator does provide lottery tickets and does pay out winnings should your numbers hit.

Site Design and Lotto Experience

The software present on the BuyLottoOnline website is its own proprietary platform. There aren’t any games to actually play, as you’re simply selecting the lottery you want to participate in, and then buy a ticket.

Lotteries Tickets Available

  • EUROJACKPOT Europe USA - Buy
  • LA PRIMITIVA Spain USA - Buy
  • FRENCH LOTO France USA - Buy
  • MEGA-SENA Brazil USA - Buy
  • OZ LOTTO Australia USA - Buy
  • UK LOTTO United Kingdom USA - Buy
  • EL GORDO Spain USA - Buy
  • GERMAN LOTTO Germany USA - Buy
  • CANADA LOTTO Canada USA - Buy
  • UK THUNDERBALL United Kingdom USA - Buy


It should be noted that the site’s design isn’t spectacular. I deposited $10 on the site to test it out, and when I went to submit my information, I was given a bunch of code on a white screen with no indication that the deposit was successful. Check out my bank account showed that the deposit did take place, but it took a few minutes before it was reflected on the site.

Deposit funds  error  Deposit Confirmed 

Purchase a Ticket

Things were even worse when I tried to buy a ticket. I got a similar error, and once again never got a confirmation, but I did see that my balance was zeroed out. Instead of seeing the transaction reflected a few minutes later, I never got a confirmation. It took a full day before I saw the funds showing in my account. After this time, I was able to successfully purchase tickets.

purchase-powerball-megamillions  successful-purechase

When I bought my tickets, I selected Easy Pick instead of trying to guess numbers on the card. Both options are available and are easy to select. Doing Easy Pick, I will note that I didn’t get my actual numbers until a day after the order. If you’re looking to know your numbers right away, you’re going to want to pick your own numbers. The reason for this is that the site serves as a messenger service, where they actually send someone to a shop to buy a lottery ticket.

purcase-new-york-lotto  NY-lotto-purchase-complete  new-york-lotto-numbers




If you’re looking to purchase your lottery tickets from the site, you have to have a Mastercard, as this is the only way that the payments can be processed. It is limited, but should be theoretically instant, although this wasn’t my experience (see above).

If you do get lucky, you will have funds credited to your account, and if you win over a certain amount, the support team will contact you to facilitate sending funds to you.

Bonuses & Promotions

BuyLottoOnline have dDeals of the Day and at the time of writing, they looked like 10% discounts on purchases.

They also have a loyalty program with VIP points earnings for every $2 spent.

Player Issues

As of the publication of this article, I don’t know of any player issues pertaining to how the site conducts their operations.