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Extra Draw Keno Calculator


Welcome to my Extra Draw Keno calculator. To use it, first enter the number of picks and click "calculate." Then enter the pay table and click "calculate" again. The game will show the probability and return from all possible wins. The return is the ratio of how much money the player can expect to get back, after subtracting for the expense of the extra draw, if made, to the initial wager. The calculator always makes the extra draw decision that results in the greatest possible return.




The first table will show the return from wins without the Extra Draw.

The second table will show the wins with the extra draw. The return column equals (probability column)*(win column - 1). The reason for subtracting one is the credit paid for the Extra Draw.

The final table will show the combined results. The return column is a weighted average between the returns with and without the Extra Draw. For wins with the Extra Draw, one credit is deducted from the gross win.


My thanks to my JavaScript Wizard, J.B., for help with this application.