July 9, 2020 Live Stream

Live Stream

Date: July 9, 2020
Topic: Ask Mike Anything

Topics of Discussion

  • Mountain climbing
  • Movie: Touching the Void
  • Will Vegas casinos close again?
  • Do casinos help depressed areas?
  • Hiring the Wizard for analysis
  • College t-shirts
  • Movie trivia question
  • Analyzing games with no perfect strategy
  • The Wizard gambles on a cruise ship
  • Advantage slots
  • Video Poker: Comparing pay tables
  • Getting kids excited about math
  • Advantage players hiring the Wizard
  • Sports Betting: Becoming a pro
  • The house edge at a given true count
  • Craps: Odds bets
  • Taxes on gambling
  • Online gambling and addiction
  • Craps: Pass or don't pass?
  • Non gambling EV situations
  • Craps: Dice setting
  • Is the Wizard a party animal?
  • The Wizard now looks like a wizard
  • Side bets
  • What do you put on a hotdog?
  • Calculating a house edge
  • Monopoly strategy
  • UNLV or CSN?