On a Roll Dice Poker

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Michael Shackleford: Hi, this is Mike Shackleford with The Wizard of Odds website at the 2014 Raving’s Table Games Show at the Paris Hotel Casino in Las Vegas. I’m here with Norman Rondeau with ‘On a Roll Dice Poker’. Well, thanks for having me, Norman. Can you tell me a little bit about the game?

Norman Rondeau: Sure. The game as you said, it’s called ‘On a Roll Dice Poker’ and it’s played with five standard casino-grade dice. And it also comes in a customized shaker because in this game the players actually get to shake the dice, roll the dice to determine their own results.

Michael: Sounds fun.

Norman: Wow, there’s an awesome roll. I just rolled the full house. In this game, we would pay twelve to one. That was complete coincidence

Michael: And it would be 25 points on Yahtzee.

Norman: Yes. [laughs] That too. So, this is a very simple game really. In order to play the game, you have to play some wager in any of these four areas. These are called ‘Dice Poker Wagers’ and they pay at these particular odds. A pair pays one to one, two pair pays three to one, three of a kind pays five to one, and a full house or better which you can see, it captures everything. It’s almost like a mega-roll and you’re capturing a full house, to straight, four of a kind, five of a kind. And it will be paid off at eight, 10, 12 and 40 to one respectively. That’s for these four bets.

There are 7,776 combinations of dice, 3,600 of them of which are going to be the pair. So, some people has [sic] a strategy, might want to hedge their bet and put $50 in the pair since that’s the most common. And it’s going to cover some of these other bets.

Then we have another bet called the Zilch side bet. You’re betting not -- you’re going to roll zilch or nothing. Here’s an example where you rolled one, two, three, five, six. There’s four other combinations that you can roll where you roll nothing. And when that happens, all of your regular wagers would lose. So, I would pick these up and then that wager would get paid at 10 to one and then you’d be launched into the bonus round. And you’re trying to achieve five sixes.

On some slot machines, you will earn bonuses where you get three extra spins or four, five extra spins. In this game, you actually get five bonus rolls to try and achieve a five sixes bonus round payout. And it’s really, really exciting. Not only does that get paid ten to one but it launches you into this bonus round which is really is a lot of fun.

Michael: Okay. I’ve never seen a table game with bonus rounds before. I thought those were for slot machines only. So, this is a first.

Norman: Yes. And like I said, I’ve incorporated that into the game. Once you hit the zilch round, you already get paid 10 to one. So now this is just extra chance at earning some really big money actually, 500 to one. If you can roll five sixes on the first round of the bonus, you will win 500 to one on your original bet. So, It’s very exciting. It could lead us some huge payoffs.

The very last bet I have on the layout is called the ‘No Six’. And it primarily is an insurance bet when you’re betting the five sixes bonus round. During the five sixes bonus round, you have an opportunity to play some no six wager. And you’re betting that you’re not going to roll any sixes at all. So, it’s a really, really simple game to play.

I think this game is very different than many of the other traditional table games because it’s a very social game. You don’t have to memorize any books on basic strategy.

Michael: Thank you very much.

Norman: I’ve really thanked you for the opportunity.