Video Review of Ricochet Poker

Mike interviews Mike Silver on his game Ricochet Poker.

Mike Shackleford: Hi, this is Mike Shackleford at the 2018 Cutting Edge Table Gameshow at the Paris Casino in Las Vegas. I'm joined again by Mr. Mike Silver. You may remember Mike from his game Red and Black from last year.

Mike, what do you have for us this year?

[00:00:39] Mike Silver: This year we've got Ricochet Poker. A brand new game. It's face up single pot pokeresque fast-paced game.

[00:00:46] Mike Shackleford: All right. You said that it's a pokeresque game, so I take it, this is a player against player game.

Ricochet Poker

[00:00:52] Mike Silver: It's a player against player. However, one player can sit down and the dealer is also engaged in the game.

[00:00:58] Mike Shackleford: All right. Without going through every single rule, what are the basic gameplay of it?

[00:01:05] Mike Silver: Basic play is each player antes to set denomination set by the house. Two cards are dealt face up to each player. The dealer's hand is dealt face-up all five cards, so that's established immediately.

The reason it's called ricochet is play starts with the hand that is the lowest and works its way around the table, or across the table, or whichever direction needs to go, to hit the next highest hand along the way.

Each player has an opportunity to re-ante building the pot to fill out their two card hand to a five-card hand.

[00:01:38] Mike Shackleford: This sounds a lot like a game I used to play a long time ago back in Orange County called No Peeky. Have you ever heard anyone make that comparison before?

[00:01:48] Mike Silver: I have not.

[00:01:48] Mike Shackleford: Maybe it's just our Seal Beach guys that play this. I don't know where we got this game. Anyway, I love no peeky, so I look forward to playing it.

Can we play a few hands?

[00:01:58] Mike Silver: Sure, absolutely.

[00:01:59] Mike Shackleford: All right. Thanks, Mike.

Ricochet Poker Table game

[00:02:00] Mike Silver: All right, everybody, let's play Ricochet Poker. It's a $5 bet in the center, it's anything you want on the side bets. Two cards for each player, five cards for the dealer. I just dealt the dealer six cards because I'm an excellent player.

First, let's talk about these side bets:

The hedge bet says that the dealer's hand is going to be good, and it is. I've got aces and jack's. On that I'm going to pay two to one. Let's do that. On the other side bet, the quick draw, it says that your two cards are going to beat my five cards. Which shouldn't happen this time because I've got two pair, so I'll take all those away.

Now let's play the main game

I'm going to bring everything into the center. This is going to be an interesting example because with four players, I fold aces up, so I'm not even playing in the hand. For purposes of this illustration, I'm going to give myself another hand that I'm not going fold, that I've got a queen high now, that's going to be better.

The action always starts on the lowest hand. The action goes to the 8 deuce first, and you've got the option either to buy the rest of your cards for one more bet or to fold out.

What would you like to do?

You're going to buy three more cards, you've got a pair of 8s. That's better than my new hand, so I'll fold it up. Then action jumps to the king queen.

[00:03:31]Mike Shackleford: That's me. I have to beat her 8s so-

[00:03:36]Mike Silver: All right. Let's play it out. King queen gets another queen, that knocks out the 8s. Ace 6 is the next lowest hand, what would that like to do? Ace 6 gets a pair of threes, but that's not big enough to win, and now the ace nine is the last hand.

[00:03:51]Mike Shackleford: [inaudible 00:03:51] ace?

[00:03:52]Mike Silver: Yes, that's pretty much what you're going to have to do. No pair, so that means the pot goes to the pair of queens. That's how you play Ricochet Poker.

Playing Ricochet Poker

[00:04:02] Mike Shackleford: Can we play another hand?

[00:04:03] Mike Silver: Sure, let's play one more. All right, everyone, place your bets. Let's play Ricochet Poker. I'm going to start by giving everyone two cards. Nice. The dealer gets five cards. I've got a pair of 10s. That's a much better starting hand than last time.

Your side bet, your red side bet is the hedge bet and that's going to pay just one for one when the dealer has a pair of 10s. I'll pay those out first. The quick-draw bet is a bet that your two cards beat the dealer's five cards. Most of those are going to lose, but the pair of cleans actually gets paid five for one on that hedge-

[00:04:46]Mike Shackleford: Five to one.

[00:04:47]Mike Silver: Five to one. Sorry. Thank you, Mike. Now we are going to play the main game. Bring all the bets into the center. The low hand acts first, and that's the 5 deuce. Your options are either to fold or to pay another bet to get the rest of your hand.

What would you like to do?

Of course, we're always going to play because it's free money. Pair of 5s, not enough to knock out a pair of 10s so that hand's gone. What's next is the jack 9. That is a pair of Kings, and that's definitely better than my 10s, so I'm going to throw that hand away. The ace king is next. Pair of aces knocks out a pair of Kings.

Now we're back to this pair of queens. What would you like to do with that? Let's play it. Queen did not get another pair, so the aces are the winner. Nice answer.

That's how you play Ricochet Poker.

[00:05:40] Mike Shackleford: Thanks very much, Mike. Again, this is Ricochet Poker.

[00:05:45] Mike Silver: Thanks again, Mike, appreciate your time.

[00:05:47] Mike Shackleford: You're welcome. I hope to see this in a casino soon.

[00:05:49]Mike Silver: Absolutely.

[00:05:51] Mike Shackleford: Okay. Bye everyone.