Video Review of Flip~It

This is my video of Tammy Thompson about her game Flip~It, which field trialed at the Rio in Las Vegas in mid 2018. You can read a full analysis of the Rio rules in my page on Flip~It. The version Tammy presented in this video pays more on certain bets for better odds for the player.

Hi, everyone, this is Michael Shackleford at the 2018 cutting edge table game show with the Paris Casino in Las Vegas and I am joined by the most enthusiastic dealer in Las Vegas. Tami Thompson representing her game Flip it.

Flip it

Hi Tami.

[00:00:38] Tami Thompson: Hi. I'm so pleased to be here with you Mike.

[00:00:42] Michael: Well, it's my pleasure. Can you tell me more about Flip it please?

[00:00:46] Tami: Flip. It is an eight deck shoe with 24 jokers. The dealer brings out four cards face up, and the player's bet on the next card to flip, whether it's red-black, high-low, odd-even, those pay even money. If they have their bet on the exact value that flips, we call that the call-it say it's a Jack, they get 12:1. These four cards face up and the flip card is a five card poker hand that pays up to 50:1 for the royal. Now it's got 24 jokers here. If a joker flips out, everybody loses everything.

[00:01:24] Michael: All right, so do you mind if we play a few example hands?

[00:01:27] Tami: I'd be thrilled to have you play some hands.

[00:01:29] Michael: Before we do that

…I do remember this game on field trial at the Rio. It's already written about on my site. Have you made any changes to it since it was at the Rio?

[00:01:38] Tami: Yes. In fact, this was a real learning curve and I put the first layout on. We have a picture of it over here. This game has six spots and that was most of the comments that I got back were the layout was too busy, then we've turned it into a five spot game and it was much more responsive. Also too, I realized that the House Edge it was holding a little too strong, we made a variation. We applied for it and were approved were in the original game we were only paying the Ace on a red and black, then the other insight bets were a loss.

Now we've pushed those other insight bets. We still pay it on red and black, but it did loosen up that hold considerably and it also decreased the House Edge went from 5.4% down to 4.5 now. It's much more competitive with the other games on the casino floor.

Playing Flip it

[00:02:44] Michael: Very good. Thanks, Tami. Let's play a few hands.

[00:02:47] Tami: Yes, come on over. Okay, Mike, you see here. Four cards face up. Now you're going make your bets on what you think the next card to flip is going to be, whether it's red-black, high-low, odd-even, those with the even-money pay Out. These are the call-it bets. This is the even side. This is the odd side. These pay 12:1 when you have your bet on the exact value of the flip card.

We're not going to take the bonus bet

…because the bonus bet and it says there in the rule, we don't take the bonus bet until it activates with one pair or more on the board. Here we go. Flip it. It's a red king. The other, call-it bets come down. You've got black, that comes down. You did get your high. There's your payoff on that one.

On this side

…you did get your odd but it is high and it is red. You got that. You've got your bed on the king, so you got it. These are the even-money payouts. Then this is the payout for your call-it bet. Then the dealer burns this card with these three over and puts the flip card into the four card rotation. Now based on these four cards, red-black, high-low, odd-even.

Flip it Game

Now, these four cards face up. The flip card is a five card poker hand that pays up to 50:1 for the royal. Okay, here we go. Flip it to black six. You made another call at pep Mike, you're pretty good at this, but it is even so the odd bets come down. It is low and we bring this one down because it is a black card. What you get here is 12:1 on that pay. Here is the even side you got that. This comes down, it's a low card, so the high comes down and it is black so you got that and this is your payout. Now the dealer burns this card, brings these over. Flip-it is a one card continuous game.

[00:05:38] Michael: Tami, thank you so much for showing me that. I do notice that you have a sign here of what looks like an electronic version of this game.

[00:05:44] Tami: Yes. This is very, very special. We have here the electronic version of Flip-it. The electronic version is going to be a single deck with three jokers and it's got a multi-terminal offering there and we really feel that it's going to create a circular pattern on the casino floor by bringing slot players over to table games, table games, players going into the slot department.

We can really create a vortex.

[00:06:16] Michael: A vortex. I love that word. Thank you so much, Tami.

[00:06:21] Tami: It's my pleasure, Mike. Thank you very much.

[00:06:24] Michael: Have you ever been to the Oregon Vortex by the way?

[00:06:26] Tami: Not yet, but I do want to go.

[00:06:29] Michael: Okay. It's not for real. It's a bunch of optical illusions, by the way.

[00:06:32] Tami: Okay.

[00:06:33] Michael: Thanks. Bye. Everyone.