LiveStream -- 06/23/2020

Live Stream

Date: June 23, 2020
Topic: Ask me Anything

Topics of Discussion

  • Removing your players card before a big win
  • Will Vegas shut down again?
  • A math puzzle
  • The Wizard of Vegas website
  • A brief history of the Wizard's gambling
  • Will cryptocurrency be accepted in Vegas?
  • Does the Wizard play the stock market?
  • House Edge vs Element of Risk
  • Will Vegas buffets survive?
  • Juneteenth
  • Blackjack: Graphing true count vs house edge
  • Good table games that weren't successful
  • Baccarat: Advantage plays
  • Masks in the casino
  • Movie: Cube
  • Movie: Mean Girls
  • Beard maintenance
  • Games using a depleted deck
  • Strange phenomena
  • Book recommendations
  • Ultimate Texas Hold'em: Face up cards
  • Craps: Are there magnets under the table?
  • Slots: Why are buffalo machines so popular?
  • Name that tune
  • White boards on The Big Bang Theory
  • The gambler's fallacy
  • Giving advice at the table
  • A Wizard card counting story