Live Stream -- 01/30/2020

Live Stream — Jan. 30, 2020

In this "ask me anything" episode, Mike and Heather take on such questions as:

  • Super Bowl proposition bet suggestions.
  • What did the Wizard gamble the most on in 2019?
  • Buying sports betting tips from touts.
  • Praise the Rampart casino for honoring an expired winning sports ticket at the window.
  • Examples of slot machines to "vulture."
  • Riverside rant on horror story checking in.
  • Chinese New Year $8 casino chips.
  • When to celebrate a birthday for leap babies.
  • Future of Las Vegas casinos in a generation hence.
  • Future of resort and parking fees.
  • Was Vegas better in the "old days"?
  • How do you remember Kobi Bryant?
  • Is Bubble Craps rigged?
  • Super Bowl squares
  • The Wizard's worst year