Red Flex

Michael: Hi, this is Mike Shackleford with The Wizard of Odds. I'm here at the Raving Table Game Show of 2014 at the Paris Hotel Casino in Las Vegas and let me apologize right now because I know I look like the witch in Snow White and I sound like Cindy Brady because I had a dental accident yesterday, so I know I'm scaring all my viewers. I am here with Kyle and Tonya and they are with the Red Flex Blackjack Side Bet and this is a blackjack side bet based on the dealer getting red cards. Can you tell us more about it?

Kyle: Absolutely. The red flex side bet is based on how many red cards the dealer gets consecutive in a row. Two cards qualify and then all the hit cards as they play up, the maximum number of cards will determine the payout for the player. All the way up to 300:1 for eight red cards. Let's see if she qualifies. She did not qualify, so no red flex payout that time but the bet does hit one in four times. For operators, we do have our red flex calculator where they can customize their payoff table and decide what house edge they would like to have based on their number of decks.

Michael: I'm immediately tempted to count the colors in this game. Do you have any protection against players doing that?

Kyle: Absolutely. We recommend it be played with continuous shuffler and there are some betting requirements that we recommend to the house just to make sure that things don't get out of line. It's been said that it’s impenetrable once it's on a shuffle machine.

Michael: Can you enjoy this game in any casinos already?

Kyle: We can. It's played in six or seven locations in California at the moment and we're in the process of expanding to Nevada and to Indian casinos around the country.

Michael: Well congratulations on your success so far. I think I get the gist of it. Thanks Tonya.

Tonya: You're welcome.