Live Stream -- 02/13/2020

Live Stream — Feb. 13, 2020

In this "ask me anything" episode, Mike and Heather take on such questions as:

  • Slots: Do the number of jackpot symbols change based on credits played?
  • Singing the blues over Youtube taking down gambling videos
  • Slots: Do jackpot chances increase when the symbols appear more frequently?
  • Slots: near misses, random number generators and reel weighting
  • Update rant on bad customer service at Riverside casino
  • Should Americans be allowed to wager on US presidential elections?
  • Odds for 2020 presidential election [02-13-2020]
  • Bitcoin gripe
  • Do higher denomination video poker machines pay better?
  • The value of points for video poker
  • Should the Super Bowl be moved to Saturday?
  • Did the Wizard ever gamble at a mob run casino?
  • Holidays: the good, the bad and the ugly
  • What is Mrs Wizard getting for Valentine's Day?
  • Advice for Valentine's Day cards.
  • Internet gambling scams
  • Circa vs Resorts World
  • How do pit bosses rate players?
  • Triple Double Bonus video poker pay tables (and the Wizard's book)
  • What is the real purpose of Burning Man?
  • The Wizard's resume, Disneyland and fighting characters
  • Coronavirus closes Macau casinos
  • The Wizard's idea for a new book
  • Craps: parlaying bets
  • A hard eight ha-ha