Video Review of Logo Blackjack

Hi, this is Mike Shackelford at the 2018 Cutting Edge Table Game Show at the Paris Casino in Las Vegas. I'm here with Steve Russell, who is demonstrating his blackjack side bet. Is it titled your logo here?

[00:00:38] Steve Russel: Logo blackjack is the title.

[00:00:40] Michael: Logo blackjack. Steve, can you tell me more about it, please?

[00:00:43] Steve: Logo blackjack is based off of anybody's house blackjack. You use your house rules. This is just mainly a side bet where basically, you're making a bet that whenever the screen shows a card value-- if you have one of those cards based off of your two up cards and the dealer's up card, if you have any of those values, you win. If you have one, you win 1 to 1, two, you win to 10 to 1, three, you win 100 to 1, and a potential for four for 1,000 to 1.

Logo Blackjack

If you don't have those values, then that's when you lose.

[00:01:12] Michael: Why do you call it logo blackjack?

[00:01:15] Steve: We call it logo blackjack, we use a generic term because there's a 14th value on the screen. Basically, you have the 13 card values, and we + logo for a casinos restaurant. It can be for their golf course, for their spa. Whenever that logo appears, everybody is a guaranteed winner, because when the logo's on the screen, the dealer's up card is the winning card for that particular hand.

Therefore, everybody has at least a 1 to 1 winner with a potential for 10 to 1, 100 to 1, or 1,000 to 1.

[00:01:48] Michael: All right. Again, if the logo appears on the sign there, then the card to match is the dealer's up card. He's automatically has at least one match, because the dealer obviously matches himself.

[00:01:59] Steve: Correct, because the dealer's card is the community card.

[00:02:02] Michael: All right. Mathematically speaking, what kind of house advantage does it have?

[00:02:06] Steve: This particular pay table where its 1 to 1, 10 to 1, 100 to 1, 1,000 to 1 is 11%, but we have house edges that are certified by BMM, anywhere between three and 12%.

[00:02:17] Michael: All right. Thank you very much. Do you mind if we play a few rounds as an example?

[00:02:23] Steve: Absolutely. Okay, place your bets. Before each hand, the dealer is going to hit this button, and this button is going to have the screen select a random card value. The screen shows a three. There are no threes on the table, so in this instance, both side bets are going to lose, and we will continue with the blackjack hand. This 20 is going to stay, 12? 12 is going to hit to have 18. Dealer has 13, dealer busts.

Blackjack Table

Place your bets. Here we go. The winning card in this hand is the logo. Whenever this logo appears, the winning card is the dealer's up card, which means everybody's a winner. This logo will appear one and every 14 chances. Therefore, we're going to have guaranteed winners every 14 hands. In this particular instance, this person has one nine by using that, so they're going to get paid 1 to 1 on their $2 bet, $2. This person is going to get paid 1 to 1.

Now, we'll continue with the blackjack hand…

14? Player breaks. 11, you'd like to double that? Absolutely. Oh, boy. Dealer has 12, dealer busts. Good hit. Place your bets. We're off. The winning card value this time is another logo. The dealer's up card is the winning card, so everybody's a guaranteed winner. This player is going to win 1 to 1 on a $5 bet. This player has two winning cards for having two eights, so they're going to get 10 to 1 on that $1 bet. They're going to get $10.

Now, we'll finish the blackjack hand:

17 and a blackjack is going to pay in this casino 3 to 2. Dealer has 12. Dealer has 20. Place your bets. Here we go, dealer hits the button. The winning card is a jack. As you'll see, that the dealer has a jack up, which means everybody is going to win. This player has a jack as well, so they're going to win 10 to 1 on their $10 bet, which is $100.


This player here is not going to get paid yet because they have three jacks. That's 100 to 1 guarantee with the ability to possibly win 1,000 to 1. You have one, two, three winning cards. They have a chance of a fourth winning card by using the dealer's hole card, but we're not going to see that yet until the blackjack hand is complete. 20 is going to stay. 19 is going to stay. Now, we're going to find out if you're 1000 to 1 winner.

Here we go

Dealer has 20, but more importantly, the dealer has a fourth jack, which is going to pay you 1000 to 1. Let me finish off with these blackjack hands. This is going to lose. This is going to be a push. Now, we have 1,000 times $4 is $4,000. Congratulations. That's logo blackjack. Thank you very much for playing.

[00:06:08] Michael: Steve, thank you very much for that demonstration.

[00:06:11] Steve: No problem. I really appreciate you having me.

[00:06:13] Michael: My pleasure. Bye, everyone.