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Mike: Hi. This is Mike Shackleford with the Wizard of Odds at the 2014 Raving Table Games show. I'm here with a broken tooth and my favorite dealer in the whole world, Angela Wyman, and she's here to demonstrate 4 Card Split for E-Table Games.

Angela, so lovely to see you again, and can you tell me more about this game?

Angela: Absolutely. It's great to see you as well.

Mike: Thanks.

Angela: This is how we would get started with this game. There are three mandatory bets that you have to place: two antes and the blind. The blind does need to be at least one times the ante. If you did want to play that blind more, you could. You're going to get four cards. The dealer is going to also get four cards, putting one face up.

With your four cards, the first thing you're looking for is this 4-Card Blind bet, which is kind of the proposition bet of the game. Out of those four, you need at least a 10 high. These two ante bets are for three-card poker hands. You're going to split these four cards any way you want to, to make two three-card hands. You got your three mandatory bets. You're going to receive your four cards, dealer four cards. Let's see what you have.

Mike: I see a straight.

Angela: Fantastic. For the 4-Card Blind, we don't have anything here but exactly like you pointed out -- you have your natural straight. I'll put that down here. Is that one an instant winner? And then I'm assuming you're going to want to play that Jack. Any hand it's going to play, put your raise equal to your ante. Let's go ahead and pay out over here, and let's see what else we can get you. All right. Let's see what the dealer's got. Okay. Not bad. Ace high, and yahoo.

Mike: Whoa. [applause]

Angela: Now we're talking. All right. The three of a kind pays eight to one on your odds. This is a fun, kind of advanced variant on Three Card Poker. It's a four card game to the player. Player plays against the dealer, and like Three Card Poker with a really exciting prop bet.

Mike: Thanks, Angela. That was 4 Card Split by E-Table Games.