21 Flip

Question 1 - [00:09]​

Michael Shackleford:​ Hi, this is Mike Shackleford at the 2015 Cutting Edge Table Game Show, at the Paris Hotel Casino in Las Vegas. I am here today with Jesse Shows of Green Felt Gaming and he's going to show off his new game 21 flip. Thanks Jesse, can you tell me more about the game?

Jesse Shows: ​Of course, so what we're doing is we're playing a single­handed blackjack, but the players aren't going to get any cards, instead everybody is going to play a community hand, that's played by the dealer's rules. So, we'll draw until we get 17 or higher and then we'll resolve the bets using that information.

Question 2 - [00:38]​

Michael Shackleford​: So how does the player get started?

Jesse Shows: We are going to start off with an ante bet and you're going to make an optional fortune four bet if you would like. Those bets are designed to help you win if the dealer doesn't make a hand using all four cards. So, it's a maximum four cards in the hand.

Question 3 - [00:53]​

Michael Shackleford: ​Can you lead me through this six different bets I see on the table?

Jesse Shows: Absolutely. So like we mentioned before we're going to start with the ante and once we have that, when you see the dealers up card, we have four options at that point. You can bet the first flip, second flip, or third flip, which corresponds to the cards on the table. The first flip on the table pays on the first flip if you if you make 17 to 21 the second flip, and so on and so forth. It's also a progressive pay scale. So, the first flip will pay one to one, second plays two to one, third pays three to one, as well as there's a busted bet. Now the busted bet allows you to bet that the dealer's going to bust on any card and it pays two to one. The cool thing about these three bets is that if you make the right one you're going to get to keep you ante for the next hand.

Question 4 - [01:36]​

Michael Shackleford​:​ How about the fortune four bet?

Jesse Shows:​ Okay, so the fortune four bet is made before you see any other cards and it's an optional bet that allows you a chance to win 100 to 1 or 10 to 1 depending on the dealer's total of four through sixteen.

Question 5 - [01:50]​

Michael Shackleford:​ Are there any rules about the ratio of the size of the supplemental bets to the ante bet?

Jesse Shows:​ Yes, so the ante bet dictates how much you get to bet on the additional bets. All bets have to be equal, can't bet more or bet less. Whatever you start off with the ante, all of your additional bets are going to be equal to that.

Question 6 - [02:07]​

Michael Shackleford:​ At what stage of the game does the player make the supplemental bets?

Jesse Shows:​ They don't really actually get to see the dealers up card, the community up card, before they have to make those additional bets. They actually get to use that information to make their decisions just like you would in a regular blackjack game. If you want to hit you 16 or stand on it, is going to depend on what the dealer has up, what spot you bet on this game depends on what the dealer has up.

Question 7 - [02:29]​

Michael Shackleford: Can you walk me through the supplemental bets that are available?

Jesse Shows:​ Sure. The first bet is the first, second, and third flips, this corresponds to the number of cards that the dealer used on the table.

Question 8 - [02:41]​

Michael Shackleford: ​Do you have any strategy advice for the intelligent player?

Jesse Shows: ​I do, actually it could be a little intimidating the first time you play this game, so we've decided to help you out. We've got a little strategy card that's actually shows you every up card and what you should do. So think just like the card that you would get out of a gift shop and casino, that tells you when to split, when to double down in a standard black jack game, this strategy card, we provide it free of charge to you and it'll show you the best bet depending what the dealer's up card is.

Question 9 - [03:08]​

Michael Shackleford:​ For the mathematically gifted players, what would be the house advantage on this game?

Jesse Shows:​ The ante has a 2.69% house edge , when you incorporate the other bets, the hit rate changes, so on and so forth, But the easiest number to remember to 2.7% overall house edge on the ante. The fortune bet, the way its set up is actually really low house edge, it's 1.57%, it's a great chance to hit 100 to 1 pay out on a dollar, two dollars even five dollars makes a nice little win.

Michael Shackleford: All right, thank you very much Jesse.

Jesse Shows:​ My pleasure, thank you.