Big 50

Question 1 - [00:08]

Mike: Hi, This is Mike Shackleford at the 2015 Cutting Edge Table Game Show at the Paris Hotel Casino in Las Vegas. I am here with Cory Thompson and his game Big 50. Thanks for having me. Can you tell me more about your game?

Cory: Absolutely. Our game is one that is very simple to learn. You play one hand and you learn the game. You play the second hand, you’re an expert. You play your five cards against the dealer’s five cards if you like them. There’s no draws. It’s a five card start game. So, again, very simple, something you can play quickly and have a lot of social interaction at the same time.

Question 2 - [00:41]

Mike: All right. And, is this game played with a single deck of cards?

Cory: Yes, a single deck of cards shuffled every time.

Question 3 - [00:47]

Mike: All right. So, the player, I imagine, starts by making what you call an Ante bet?

Cory: Yes, they make an Ante bet. And if they like their hand then they follow it up with a Play bet to play against the dealer’s hand.

Question 4 - [00:57]

Mike: And, how much is the Play bet relative to the Ante bet?

Cory: Currently, they’re equal. And we’re working on another version where they will have an option to bet up to three times on the Play bet. And then there’s four Bonus bets you can make. Poker hand bet, you need a pair of eights or higher to win. And the pay table’s a little higher than your standard game. You’re two pair pays three to one here. So, a little better payout on the Poker hand than a lot of the games.

And then the all red or all black, the all one color pay 17-1 if all five cards happen to be the same color, very simple bet. The Big 50 pays 500-1. That’s our big jackpot. If you get five cards that are all ten-point cards, tens, jacks, queens, kings, then you’re going to get a 500-1 payout.

Question 5 - [01:40]

Mike: And how are aces counted in this game?

Cory: Aces are always counted as one, makes it simple for the player and the dealer.

Question 6 - [01:46]

Mike: All right, and the Range bet?

Cory: And then the fourth bet is we add the cards up for you and you get paid based on pay table. If you’re cards fall between 30 and 39, that’s the house’s edge. That’s where they’re going to win their money. Any other combination of cards and the players are going to get some money back based on where their cards fall in that range.

Mike: All right, well thank you very much.

Cory: You’re welcome. Thanks for having me.