LiveStream -- 04/16/2020

Live Stream

Date: April 16, 2020
Topic: Ask me Anything

Topics of Discussion

  • Starfleet uniform colors and the Wizard's beard
  • Are Mexican donkey shows a myth?
  • Solitaire in Vegas
  • Costa Rican adult entertainment
  • Blackjack and baccarat odds
  • Will Bally's Jubilee show return?
  • When will Vegas casinos reopen?
  • Field trials and designing casino games
  • Allegiant Stadium
  • Wizard's kids reaching the gambling age
  • Wahlburgers restaurants
  • Will casinos wave resort fees?
  • Heather's paintings and Vegas parks
  • Will slot paybacks change?
  • Sports in empty venues
  • The Wizard's favorite casino games
  • Favorite Vegas things and Little Red Rock
  • UK casinos
  • Coming Vegas attractions
  • Taxpayer funded stadiums and the MSG
  • Sic Bo in Vegas
  • Preparing a strategy for a casino game
  • Where will the Wizard retire to?
  • Football safety bets and bowling
  • The Tiger King bandwagon
  • Has the Wizard cheated a casino?
  • Old school Vegas
  • Baccarat vs commission free baccarat
  • Heather's tales from the casino crypt
  • Hearts