Caribbean Blackjack

Question 1 - [00:04]

Mike: Hi. This is Mike Shackleford with the Wizard of Odds at the Raving Table Games Show 2014 at the Paris Casino in Las Vegas. I’m here with Randy Zinkil and Christina of Creative Table Games with their latest product, Caribbean Blackjack. Randy, can you tell me more about it?

Randy: Sure. It is very simply a two-handed blackjack game played with a single deck. Each player will place two wagers for the blackjack game and one wager for the five-card bonus hand. If you bet $5 or more on the five-card bonus hand, you’ll get action on everybody else’s hands on the table.

Question 2 - [00:38]

Mike: Like an Ante Bonus?

Randy: Yes, that is correct. Now, this is the unique part of the game. The next hand, if you notice they have a pair of twos -- most games they would lose -- we created a push element for all pairs of nines through twos, will be a push for the player. The players will now look for their two cards from each hand and the dealers up card to make a five-card poker hand.

Mike: I get it, so we’re trying to combine blackjack and poker.

Randy: Correct.

Mike: Thanks for explaining that Randy and Christina.

Randy: Thank you.