Super Blackjack Video


[00:00:11] Mike: Hi. This is Mike Shackleford at the 2016 Cutting Edge Table Game Show at the Flamingo in Las Vegas and I'm here with Brianna representing the game Super Blackjack. Hi Brianna. Can you tell me more about the game?

[00:00:23] Brianna: Sure can. Hello. Super Blackjack is a variation of regular Blackjack where you get to split any two cards on the first two and you get to bet up to four times your bet on double downs. You basically want to get as many hands out there as you can with as much money on the table for your double downs and win them all. There's also the ante bet where you're betting to get a Blackjack and it pays two to one for Blackjacks on that as well as the regular play bet. Suited Blackjack pays six to one and if the dealer busts, it pays even money.

[00:00:59] Mike: This sounds really exciting. You're telling me the player can split any two cards and he can, instead of double, he can quintuple his bet. Do I have it right?

[00:01:08] Brianna: Correct. Yes.

[00:01:09] Mike: What about surrender?

[00:01:11] Brianna: Yes, we have surrender.

[00:01:12] Mike: Surrender too.

[00:01:13] Brianna: Yes. That's where the twist is. You cannot hit a card whatsoever at any point even after your split. There's no hits. We only have surrender, double down, split, or stay.

[00:01:23] Mike: Well, I must say this is the most interesting Blackjack variation I've seen for a while. What does the player must pay for all these great rules probably with the ante bet and giving up hitting, would that be correct?

[00:01:39] Brianna: Somewhat, yes.

[00:01:40] Mike: How complicated is the strategy for this game?

[00:01:43] Brianna: I'd say if you know regular basic Blackjack strategy, this one's not too far-fetched to learn.

[00:01:49] Mike: Okay. I guess the player's going to have to learn how to do some new splitting and I guess there's going to be a lot more surrendering without the hitting option.

[00:01:56] Brianna: Correct. Yes.

[00:01:57] Mike: Can you lead me through an example hand?

[00:01:58] Brianna: Sure can. All right. You have a soft hand here and your option would be to split, double down, stand or surrender. I recommend in this situation to split your hand with the potential of to win double downs. All right. There we go. We have an eight, double down for up to four times on that one. Another soft hand, double down for four times then double down. All right, let's hope I bust. All right. Because I busted your ante still pays even money. There we go. Super Blackjack. Blackjack. Super Blackjack. All right. Your Blackjack pays two to one. For your ante bet, get 20 to one because you have Super Blackjack. [unintelligible 00:03:16] surrenders.

[00:03:17] Brianna: It would be a surrender hand, would recommend that.

[00:03:23] Mike: Brianna, thank you for that demonstration. Again, this is Super Blackjack by High Variance Games. I hope to see you then in a casino soon.

[00:03:31] Brianna: Thank you.

[00:03:32] Mike: Thank you.


[00:04:02] [END OF AUDIO]