Video Review of Monarchy Baccarat

Mike interviews Angel Espino at the 2018 Cutting Edge Table Games Conference about his game Monarchy Baccarat.

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Hi, I'm Mike Shackleford at the 2018 Cutting Edge Table Game Show at the Paris Casino in Las Vegas and I'm joined once again by the friendliest face in this business, Angel Espino.

Angel, what do you got for us this time?

[00:00:37] Angel: Well, this year my third year for this show is we're launching monarchy baccarat. Monarchy baccarat is goes off the traditional way of playing baccarat except that we added a second and a third tier of flame. It's a multi action board game, it will triple your whole, triple your drop and triple hands per hour.

Monarch baccarat

[00:00:59] Mike: How is this different from regular baccarat?

[00:01:03] Angel: Great question. You have the option, the player has the option to play the first tier which is regular baccarat, nothing to it. Then if the player wants to play the second and third tier what happens is after the first hand is dealt all those cards stay, the result of the hand stays. We have a natural nine against the four and the player wins, we pay it, the nine and all those cards stay. For the second tier, we draw one card for each, the player and the banker and we add it to the total.

If you have a 9 and you get a 10, it's still a 9 and you win again, you win and then we burn those two cards and then we draw two more cards and add it to the initial total. That gives a player a lot of action and a lot of options to play. If you don't like the first tier you can hedge it and go bigger on the second tier and go triple on the third tier. It has different ways to win.

[00:01:56] Mike: Does the player make all these bets upfront, or can he make the subsequent wagers as he goes?

[00:02:01] Angel: Oh, no, all three bets have to be put up front before any cards are dealt because then there will be a disadvantage to the house if you see a natural nine or something, it's like past posting on craps. All three bets have to be placed before any cards are dealt.

[00:02:16] Mike: What does a win pay?

[00:02:19] Angel: The win pays even money on the player, banker and eight to one on a tie.

[00:02:25] Mike: Is there any mechanism like a commission or some half wins to give the house an advantage?

[00:02:30] Angel: Yes sir, the banker on the first tier on a winner of a total of six pays one to two 50%. On the second and third-tier, because there's no advantage or disadvantage on the banker or player, we take a 50%, we pay one to two on any win total of three on the second and third-tier. Any banker or any player win with a total of three will pay one to two.

[00:02:55] Mike: Mathematically speaking, what does the house advantage look like?

[00:02:59] Angel: The house advantage on the total average we're looking at 1.3% house edge for the first tier, second and third-tier. They're roughly 1.37, 1.35, 1.34 we're looking at about an average of 1.35.

[00:03:15] Mike: Similar to regular baccarat but there's a lot more bets the player can make?

[00:03:19] Angel: Yes, a lot of different bets and what's really neat about it is that you can skip a bet and just jump to the other one, you don't necessarily have to pay the first tier, you can go heavy on the second tier and you can change from tie to banker back to player. If you see a pattern that you like you can adjust your bet accordingly and hit it three ways.

[00:03:38] Mike: I also notice a bet called the trifecta on this table?

[00:03:41] Angel: Yes, the trifecta it's another wager to that where you can-- it's optional. What that does it pays you six to one if you guess all three bets correctly. If you go banker, banker, banker and you win all three, we'll pay you six to one in the trifecta.

[00:03:56] Mike: What would it pay if a player bet something unusual like tie banker or player?

Monarch baccarat Example

[00:04:03] Angel: Great question. We were thinking about adding another pay table for it. If you guess all three correctly and there's one tie involved, we're going to bump it up to like 20 or 40 to 1. If you guess correctly all three but then there's two ties involved, we're going to bump that up to 100 to maybe 200 on the payout. If you guess correctly tie, tie, tie we're looking at about 400 to 1 payout on that trifecta.

[00:04:29] Mike: What would a new game be if it didn't have some way to win a lot of money?

[00:04:33] Angel: That's the key right there, that's where the trend is, players want to be able to win big on that $1, on that $5, although son you have $2,000 on that $5 bet, that's what it's about. That's that energy, the excitement of hitting it big with one single bet.

[00:04:50] Mike: Can I play a few hands to get an example?

[00:04:53] Angel: Sounds good.

[00:04:54] Mike: Thanks Angel.

[00:04:55] Angel: Thank you Mike.

Place your bets

Here the player placed three options, you can bet first tier, second tier and third tier as you did there and you also played the optional trifecta wager. The first tier is a regular baccarat nothing changes and here the player wins with a natural 9. We go out and pay and take. Now the whole total stays here, this doesn't move, all we do is draw one card for the player and one card for the banker and we add it to that total. The 9 stays as a 9 and the 7 stays as a 7, that's a total 7 against the 9 and the player wins again.

After that second tier

…we go to the third tier and then we burn those two cards, draw one more card for the player and one more card for the banker but we have the player on a 14 and banker on a 6, banker wins. Place your bets. Here on the monarchy baccarat, the player has the option to make three different bets and here he has the option of a player, banker or tie and you can go back and forward either way and different amounts if you wish. We'll go ahead and deal the first hand.

The first hand is your traditional baccarat rules. Same rules apply on the first tier. Here we are with a banker of a natural 9, natural against the banker 8. Here the player wins and then the hand stays out there, all the total stay out here, what we do is draw one card each for player and one for banker and we add it to the total. Player wins with a 9 and banker has 7. Player wins, we'll take the banker and then what we do is those two cars we burn them and draw one more card for player and one for banker.

Here the player wins with a 9, banker has 8 and we play the pair. What that does is gives you multi action fast-paced game, you triple your drop, triple your hold, triple hands per hour and it gives a player different options on one hand.

[00:07:46] Mike: That was monarchy baccarat as dealt by Angel Espino. Thank you so much, Angel.

[00:07:51] Angel: Thank you, Michael, appreciated.

[00:07:53] Mike: All right. Bye.