Must Flush

Question 1 - [00:08]

Mike: Hi. This is Mike Shackleford at the 2015 Cutting Edge Table Games Show at the Paris Hotel Casino in Las Vegas, and I’m here with Zach Tretton of AGS with their new game Must Flush. Hi, Zach. Can you tell me more about the game?

Zach: Sure. Must Flush is an exciting new game where players and the dealer are going to get five cards to make their two-card highest flush hand and then play the three cards in the back where they can win odds.

To begin the game, players will make an initial Ante wager. After they make their Ante wager, that’s the only required bet. After they see their cards, they need to match their Ante wager if they want to stay in the game or else they fold. The dealer will then reveal their five cards and play their two-card highest flush hand.

Players have the ability to win odds in the back as long as their two-card flush hand beats the dealer’s. They can win odds on that play bet if they have a pair or better. Additionally, the dealer must qualify with the Jack high flush. If the dealer does not qualify, the play bet pushes and the Ante is paid automatically.

Question 2 - [01:09]

Mike: Zach, for simple cases, what is the lowest hand that the player should make the play bet on?

Zach: The strategy is just above the dealer qualifying hand which is a Jack high flush so they recommend you play a Queen high flush.

Additionally, we have two optional side bets. The first is a five card bonus which takes all five cards into consideration just long as the player has a pair of sixes or better, and then we have a flush bonus which pays, again with the combination of all five cards, the players need at least three cards to a flush or better.

Question 3 - [01:39]

Mike: All right. Are there complicated cases where the player might not make his best two-card hand in order to improve his three-card hand?

Zach: There are situations where that could occur. The object is to always play your highest flush in your two-card hand. However, maybe you can make your three-card hand stronger and without affecting your two-card flush.

Mike: All right, Zach. Thank you very much for showing me the game.

Zach: Thank you. I appreciate it.