Exposed Pai Gow

Mike: Hi, this is Mike Shackleford at the 2015 Cutting Edge Table Game Show at the Paris Hotel Casino in Las Vegas, and I'm here with Michelle Vang of Exposed Pai Gow. Hi, Michelle. Thanks for having me.

Michelle: Hi, thank you for coming by.

Question 1 - [00:26]

Mike: My pleasure. Can you tell me more about your game?

Michelle: Yes, this is a new version of Pai Gow. We're exposing three cards before the player gets to set their hands. We also have two extra bonus with the silver bonus and the gold bonus.

The silver bonus is a three-card exposed hand that the dealer will expose before you look at your cards, and the gold bonus would be your best five out of seven-card hand.

Question 2 - [00:50]

Mike: Okay, so the silver bonus is based on the three exposed dealer cards, and the gold that is based on the player's final seven-card hand, right?

Michelle: Yes, that's absolutely correct.

Question 3 - [01:00]

Mike: Okay, and do you also do the five percent commission like in regular Pai Gow Poker?

Michelle: Yes, if the casino chooses to.

Question 4 - [01:06]

Mike: What else might they choose to do?

Michelle: Either have no commission and no collection, or charge a collection fee.

Question 5 - [01:14]

Mike: All right, and do you think the casino would allow player banking?

Michelle: Yes, they would.

Question 6 - [01:21]

Mike: Do you leave that up to the casino?

Michelle: Yes, it's up to the casino.

Question 7 - [01:25]

Mike: And do you have your own house way for this game or will any house way do?

Michelle: Any house way would do.

Mike: All right. I think that about covers it. Thank you very much for showing me the game.