August 27, 2020 Live Stream

Stream Date: 08-27-2020
Length: 01:07:41
Topic: Ask Mike Anything

Topic List

  • Rebels and beards
  • Blackjack: Ace/five counting
  • Slots: Jackpot returns
  • When will Vegas be totally open?
  • Heather and Boo Boo
  • Does the Wizard cook?
  • Vegas restaurants and comfort foods
  • Driving between LA and Vegas
  • Craps: How does the wizard play?
  • Tipping to upgrade your hotel room
  • Are all table games reopened?
  • Should I save for a convention in 2021?
  • Presidential Trivia (throughout show)
  • The ace/five count and blackjack variants
  • Vegas microbreweries
  • Getting rated for full vs empty tables
  • Slots: Positive state games
  • Revitalizing the north end of The Strip
  • Computer programming
  • Taxes and gambling
  • Celebrity sightings in Vegas
  • Are bar top machines open?
  • Ratings for time spent gambling
  • Craps: Pass vs Don't Pass
  • Star Trek: Lower Decks
  • Wizard public appearances
  • The Fibonacci betting system
  • Using actuarial math
  • Baccarat: The Wizard's counting system
  • Bingo: Tips on playing well