Red Bones

Question 1 - [00:04]

Mike: Hi. I'm Mike Shackleford with a broken tooth, and I'm at the 2014 Raving Table Games show at the Paris Casino in Las Vegas. And I'm here with Kirk and Steve Wynn, not to be confused with the other Steve Wynn, and they're all with WynnBig Gaming, and they have the game Red Bones.

Blaine, I understand that you invented the game. Is that true?

Blaine: That is true.

[00:00:26] Mike: Okay. Can you tell me more about it? Tell me the gist of the game.

Blaine: All right. When I came up with the game, I tried to draw a line between Craps and Roulette, and I've noticed that a lot of players are afraid to play Craps because it's hard to learn, and a lot of players play Roulette because it's easy to learn, so I wanted to make a game somewhere in between.

Any shooter that wants to play Red Bones must first place a bet on the King. To win the King, you must roll a Sword, a Crown or a Ring -- what we call the hard ways in our game, and that he's betting individually on the three ways to win the King, which are the Sword, the Crown, and the Ring. The first being the straight, the Crown being the three of a kind, and the Ring being a total of four. Each of which becomes more of a payout because they are harder to hit. He's going to get paid even money on his King bet. To lose a bet, you must roll the Queen, which is any 10 or 11. The Queen in this game is like the seven in Craps, and that you're going to lose most of the bets on the field other than the Eye or the Queen.

The Shield, this is any combination of dice, which are all either even or odd and have a pair in three dice.

The Dungeon, which is a six dice component of the game, which only can be bet on for $1, and it's almost like a progressive bet, and that you're aiming for a four of a kind or better. If you can manage to roll six sixes, you'll get paid an outstanding $10,000.

Question 2 - [01:59]

Mike: Okay. Sounds good. Is this a one roll game or is it like Craps where there's a lot of rolls?

Blaine: If you're the shooter, there's a bet you have to play that is a multiple roll bet. If you're not the shooter, you can play it just like Roulette and walk up and make any one-roll bets you want. We're hoping that Red Bones is going to be more of a social game like Craps because of the aspect that it's easy to learn and it's more exciting because it's fast paced. Most players can walk up to the table and learn it almost instantly.

Mike: Thank you very much for showing me Red Bones.