Video Review of Money$uit 31 Classic

Mike interviews Angela on the game Moneysuit 31 Classic at the 2018 Cutting Edge Table Games Conference. Please also see my analysis of Money$uit 31, as it also called.

Michael Shackleford: Hi, I'm Michael Shackleford at the 2018 Cutting Edge Table Gameshow at the Paris Casino in Las Vegas and I'm here with my favorite dealer in the whole world Angela.

Angela, how are you doing?

[00:00:36] Angela: Better now.

[00:00:37] Michael: So nice to see you and by the way I always give Angela the privilege of doing my first video of the show.

MoneySuit 31 Classic

[00:00:43] Angela: Thank you. I appreciate it.

[00:00:45] Michael: Today is also election day did you vote?

[00:00:47] Angela: I did.

[00:00:48] Michael: Good for you. All right. The last time we did a video I believe it was for Moneysuit 31, right?

[00:00:55] Angela: Yes.

[00:00:55] Michael: We are here again with the same kind of 31 family of games but this time you are representing 31 classic, right?

[00:01:04] Angela: Correct.

[00:01:04] Michael:Can you tell me more about it.

[00:01:06] Angela: Sure. Exactly like you just said this is another variation of 31 which is always a suited card game and classic is exactly what it sounds like. We really went back to the fun basics on this one, tapping into that retro trend right now.

[00:01:22] Michael: For those of you who may have missed this game at the Sunset Station, can you lead me through the rules a little bit.

[00:01:29] Angela: Absolutely. Just like with any variation of 31, you're always looking to combine suited cards. Here you're trying to get to a point value of 16 or higher.

[00:01:40] Michael: [laughs] Can we play your hands as an example?

[00:01:45] Angela: That'd be the best way. This really is a nice simple straightforward game so it probably be the best thing to do.

[00:01:50] Michael: Okay, thanks Angela.

[00:01:51] Angela: Thank you so much. Great. Like we were saying earlier gentlemen this is 31 classic and like any 31 variant this is going to be a suited card game. In this particular version you're going to get three cards with a fourth one hoping to improve it.

MoneySuit 31 Classic Table Game

The only mandatory bet on this table is the ante wager, after you have seen your first three cards if you choose to play you would then place a play wager equal to the ante.

We also have two optional side bets:

The first one is the natural bonus, this refers to those first three cards you are given. You need at least a 16 suited or higher. Again, I'm going to say the word suited a lot guys so make it a drinking game.

Then your second optional side bet is the four card royal family bonus. This refers to the fourth card that I'm going to place up here. There's a rainbow in it meaning you got all four different suits kind of like insurance for the players which is nice.

Other than that we're looking for a four car flush or 32 higher. If you gentlemen want to go ahead and place that ante wager and since it's free money you might as well place the optional side bets as well.

I'm going to go ahead and give each of you gentlemen three cards dragging the fourth card up to the top. As soon as you have them please feel free to look at the bottom three cards.


…during game remember you're looking for suited. You want 16 or higher. We're going to start here, let's see what we got. Our first three cards very nice we are suited for a 29. Looking at our pay table that's going to give us a 15 to 1 payout on that natural bonus.

You're taking me to dinner later right? [laughs] Now we flip our fourth card to see if we've bettered. In this particular case, obviously, the club is not suited with there so we didn't improve but that 29 is still going to give us a four to one payout on our play wager.

Here our ante is a one to one technically that would have had to be a $5 even cheap but we're going to ignore that today guys and then here are four card royal family bonus. We don't have rainbow or four card flush so we lose on that and that's the dealer's bad for not seeing it.

Let's resolve our second hand

Same thing let's look at those first three cards we dealt you. Again, a great suited hand we are at 28 so for our natural bonus that's going to give us a 10 to 1 and you can buy dessert and then our fourth card, yes, all right. We got even better on that which we love. We're now to 34. Looking down there, let's see where are we? I have to cheat and look at our paid table guys.

Where am I? 4 to 1, I'm so sorry guys. We've gotten a 4 to 1 here on our play wager. Remember our ante is a one to one. Now, where this is super exciting is our four card royal family bonus.

We have a big card, so guys we are going to get a big bet 30 to 1. Not bad. Just that easy. Thanks so much guys.

[00:04:59] Michael: That was 31 classic everyone. Thanks for watching and thank you so much Angela.

[00:05:03] Angela: Thank you so much for coming here and doing the video with me. I'll see you at the next one.

[00:05:08] Michael: You got it. Bye.