Money$uit 31


[00:00:08] Michael Shackleford: Hi. This is Mike Shackleford at the 2016 Cutting Edge Table Game Show at the Flamingo in Las Vegas. I'm here with a very familiar face, Angela Wyman.

[00:00:16] Angela Marie Wyman: Hi Mike. How are you?

[00:00:17] Michael: Good, and yourself?

[00:00:18] Angela: I'm great. [laughs]

[00:00:19] Michael: My audience may remember Angela as a student in I think all of my gambling instructional videos. She also comes to a lot of these trade shows to explain the new table games. Which one are you promoting this time?

[00:00:32] Angela: I’m at Money Suit 31 this time.

[00:00:34] Michael: Okay. Money Suit 31. I know there is a page for that on my website but for the benefit of my readers who haven't read that yet, can you tell me more about it?

[00:00:43] Angela: I’d love to.

[00:00:45] Michael: What are the rules?

[00:00:47] Angela: Money Suit 31 is a suited game. What you are doing is combining suited cards to get to a point value of at least 17. We’re going to use the blackjack point system where face cards are always 10 and aces are always 11 et cetera. So very easy and familiar. It is a three card game, so we’re going to deal you three cards. Just like in three card poker and an optional fourth card if you chose to play. It's always the best three. Just that easy.

[00:01:10] Michael: What does the house edge come at with a perfect play?

[00:01:14] Angela: 3.04%

[00:01:16] Michael: All right. Can you show me a few examples, please?

[00:01:18] Angela: Yes, I would love to. We've shaken our special dice to come up with our Money Suit. For this demo, we are leaving it as a spade. He's placed his mandatory ante and his optional bonus. We deal him three cards face down, optional fourth. Go ahead and look at your cards. Again, you're looking for suited at least to 17. He could fold or play. He's going to play because he already has a winner. Dealer resolves the hand. I am already at a suited 20, so we’re going to go ahead and do a one-to-one on our bonus. We’re going to open up our fourth card and if we better it. We do. Our best three-four are now a 30. Our Ante is a one-to-one and we can see on our pay table that the 30 is a four-to-one. It's just that simple.

[00:01:58] Michael: Thanks Angela for those examples. For more information on Money Suit 31, please see my website, I also have a demo game where you can for it yourself.

[00:02:11] Angela: Thank you so much for coming by again this year Mike. I always look forward to it.

[00:02:14] Michael: Thanks, always nice to see Angela.


[00:02:57] [END OF AUDIO]

For more information on this game, please see my page on Money$uit 31.