Blackjack rules, part 3

Michael Shackleford: Next, we are going to talk about how to play a pitch game. That means that the dealer is going to deal the cards upside down, and you are allowed to hold them as opposed to the face up game.

Dan Lubin: I’m going to shuffle this deck like this and a big riffle. The dealer brings the cut card out to the player. Sometimes they hold it on top or sometimes they bring it out.

Michael: I don’t want a card. The lovely lady will.

Dan: There you go. And the dealer puts the second cut card back in where the shuffle point is. He brings the card and he pitches. Okay and you take one hand sir, on the cards, one hand.

Michael: I have a 19. I want to stand. So, I just tuck the cards under like that.

Angela Wyman: I have 15. So, two [unintelligible 00:01:08].

Dan: All right. Let’s see if we fish your bet, let’s see if we can get you some good sample hands.

Question 1 - [01:27]

Michael: Blackjack, if you get a Blackjack you can put it out immediately. And Dan, let’s say that Angela had the Blackjack, should she wait until it’s her turn or should she throw it out as soon as she sees it?

Dan: Basically, the best advice, just turn it over and just wait for the dealer to get to you. He will get to you unless you are the first one. Then he will just pay you and then scoop up the cards right off the bat.

Angela: Unfortunately, I don’t have a Blackjack.

Dan: So, what you are going to do?

Michael: So, I recommend you hit it and you do that by scraping the cards.

Dan: Gently, gently. You don’t want to mangle and mutilate the cards. You just want to give a signal.

Question 2 - [02:06]

Angela: No, 17. I want to stop. So, now do I place it down?

Michael: Yes, place them, no. You place them upside down, tucked under your bet.

Dan: There you go. So, you are staying with that. 12, ouch. Dealer shows the cards. All right. Place your bets.

Michael: Now, I want to surrender, so I am going to put them face up and surrender. Now, the odds favor hitting in your situation. You have a soft 18 against a 10. This is probably the most frequently misplayed hand in Blackjack, but the odds favor hitting that.

Dan: No harm done.

Angela: So, an 18-7.

Michael: Yes.

Dan: 14.

Michael: That ace got in the play, winner.

Question 3 - [03:07]

Angela: Is there ever a time as a player other than with Blackjack that I should put my cards face up?

Michael: Yes.

Dan: Double down and split.

Michael: Exactly. And hopefully, the next hand will illustrate that. I want a stand, so I am going to tuck them in like that. You own one hand.

Dan: Hang on the cards.

Michael: That’s probably the most frequent mistake made by beginners is touching both cards with the hand. The second being once you make a bet, leave it alone. Don’t add to it or don’t take from it, especially after the cards come out. So, what you do, you have two sevens and the dealer showing it too. So, the odds favor splitting. So, you put them face up and put out your extra bet.

Dan: Now you do the standard hands series and it gets against the two. Sorry.

Michael: So, I have a total of 10 and I want to double. The way you do that is you put them face up and double your bet.

Dan: And the dealer tucks the card under the bet, shows the hand is done, its path.

Angela: And 11, so I will just do the same things.

Michael: Good luck baby.

Dan: 21.

Michael: Okay, thank you Angela, thank you Dan.

Dan: Okay.