4-Card Split

Question 1 - [00:08]

Mike: Hi, this is Mike Shackleford at the 2015 Cutting Edge Table Game Show at the Paris Hotel Casino in Las Vegas, and I'm here with Loreal who is demonstrating Wayne Hong’s game 4-Card Split.

Loreal, I seem to recall making a video of this game last year. What's new with it this year?

Loreal: This year we've actually change the set up at the dealer hand, and the dealer hand there’s no longer the option for us to choose amongst all four cards. Now, there's a required up card that must be used in the dealer’s three-card hand.

Question 2 - [00:39]

Mike: To refresh my memory, can you lead me through the whole game?

Loreal: Absolutely, and this game here, you're going to get four cards and you're going to separate those four cards and have the opportunity to play two three-card poker hands at the same time.

Question 3 - [00:52]

Mike: All right, so which bets are required for the player to make and which are optional?

Loreal: You're going to play two Ante bets and a Blind bet -- all three of which are required. If you like your hand, you’ll bet the play to stay into the hand. If you don't like your hand, you may fold. The option that you have available is to fold a portion of your hand and receive new cards to improve your three-card poker hand to beat the house, and then we're going to settle the bonus bet. The bonus bet you're looking for are pair of tens or better.

Mike: Thank you very much for showing me the game.