Video Review of Yo!

Mike interviews Jessica Kozup on the dice game Yo!

Hi, everyone. This is Mike Shackleford at the 2018 Cutting Edge Table Game Show at the Paris Casino in Las Vegas and I'm joined by Jessica [unintelligible 00:00:32] who is representing the game Yo.

Jessica, can you tell me more about it please?

[00:00:37] Jessica: This game is going to be a simplified dice game, two sets of dice. We want lots of interaction between the dealer and the player but it's going to be very visual. We want everybody to play together, win together, lose together, but have fun.


[00:00:52] Mike: All right, do you make any changes to the basic pass line bet in this game?

[00:00:57] Jessica: We do have variances. In a normal game, a seven could be good or bad. In this game, seven is always going to be bad. we want that 11, Yo 11.

[00:01:07] Mike: 11s are special in this game.

[00:01:09] Jessica: They are. Typically, they'll pay you even money. In this game, it'll pay you four to one, really rooting for the 11.

[00:01:15] Mike: Now, I do notice a bet on the layout called Yo, what are the rules to this Yo bet?

[00:01:20] Jessica: Once we have our point established in the game, we're looking at our yellow Yo bonus dice. If they roll an 11, it's going to pay you out. It's a consistent playing bet, it doesn't fall every time. You don't have to rebut it, so you're constantly rooting and trying to win multiple times.

[00:01:37] Mike: All right, so the game uses two red dice and two yellow dice, and am I correct to say that the yellow dice only matter for purposes of the Yo bet?

[00:01:45] Jessica: That is correct.

[00:01:46] Mike: All right, do you mind if we play a few rounds to get an example?

[00:01:51] Jessica: I would love to.

[00:01:52] Mike: Thanks so much, Jessica.

[00:01:54] Jessica: Please make your wagers on the play. At this point in time, I'm going to load the dice into the cup, pass them off to our roller to dump them onto the center of the table without touching the cup down to the felt. The call is a seven at this point in time, seven is going to push on the play and 11 would pay four to one, a two, three or 12 would fall. You're going to push this, dealer will reload the dice, have the player roll them one more time. The call is seven. [laughs]

Push again...

Please make your play bet, also make any plays on the arc if you would like to. Betting is closed, load the dice into the cup and the player will tumble them on to the center of the table. The call is eight, easy, establishes our number. Yes, we have a point eight, take down the losing wagers. At this point, betting is open, you can make a more wager which is going to be the same as odds, you can bet up to four times, it'll pay true odds, six to five, three to two, two to one. You can also make your Yo wager which goes along with our yellow bonus dice that'll win on an 11 and it'll stay up until the roll completes.

Yo! Betting

Betting is closed

Load the dice, player will tumble them on to the center of the table, eight hard is the call. There is no bonus Yo, take down the fallen bets and that is a winner. We have a lot to pay here, very good. Start by paying the outside of the wagers and move our way in, in this case we have no 11 bonus so we're going to push back that Yo bet, payout accordingly, even money. Six to five on your odds, it is a pair, and it is a high eight. So we'll pay both of those as well.

At this point in time…

…the game will start over to re-establish our new number. It's self-service, so the player can take all of their winning wagers, the only bet that we'll need is going to be the play and any possible arc bets if you choose. Please place your pay wager, also any bets on the arc. Betting is closed. Player, please tumble the dice.

10 hard is the call, no action on the bonus. We're not in play yet, establish our number as a 10. We're going to take down the losing wagers, this time we're going to pay the winners, it is a pair, we'll pay that. Betting is going to be open back up for the players, you can bet more at this time or the Yo bonus, also any other arc bets that you choose.

Betting is closed, reloading the cup for the player to tumble the dice, looking for a 10. 12 is the call, no bonus, no 11 on our yellow dice. Going to take down the losing wagers, the pair does not play. That's only going to be twos, threes, fours and 10s, so that will lose.

Yo! Game

The high comes down as well…

…but it is a craps, so we'll pay over here 701, betting is open back up any other bets on the arc at this time, betting closed. Load the dice back into the glass for the player to shoot. Six easy is the call, we have no bonus Yo, take down the losing wagers. The low does pay. At this point, betting is open back up, any arc wagers, betting closed, still looking for a 10. Nine is the call, no bonus 11. Yellow dice are not in play because there's no 11.

Take down the losing wagers, open betting back up.

Betting closed, looking for the 10 roller, four hard is the call. No Yo bonus, taking the losers, paying the winners on the arc. Betting is open back up. Betting is closed, seven out, the roll is over on a seven. We have no bonus 11, all of the wagers will come down. The game will start over with the new shooter. At this point in time, we'll go over the Yo 11 bonus wager, if the yellow Yo bonus dice rolls an 11, we have several payouts determined by the outcome on the red game dice. If the outcome of the red game dice is any given number, it's going to pay even money.

Playing Yo!

If we have a pair that rolls, it'll pay four to one. If both sets of dice roll an 11, it'll pay 20 to one, if the red game dice rolls a seven ending the game, all wagers will lose but the Yo 11 bonus wager will be a push, you do not win or lose.

[00:08:33] Mike: Jessica, thank you so much for that demonstration. Can you tell me a little bit about the mathematics of the game like the house advantage for the bets?

[00:08:40] Jessica: Typically, in craps, you have a little lower advantage for the house. Typically, play is going to have a 1.41 house advantage. In this game, it goes up to 1.70, so the game does have a higher advantage than craps, better for the casino.

[00:08:56] Mike: How about that Yo bet?

[00:08:58] Jessica: Yo ultimately is just going to be a lot of fun, we're constantly rooting for the 11. Everybody wants to play together, they want to win together, it is hard to roll an 11 but it's a lot of fun when it pays off.

[00:09:09] Mike: What is the house advantage on the Yo bonus?

[00:09:11] Jessica: 8.08 to 9.08.

[00:09:14] Mike: Thank you so much, Jessica, for showing me the game.

[00:09:17] Jessica: Thank you very much.

[00:09:19] Mike: Bye, everyone.