Poker Burnout | Cutting Edge Interview 2017

Michael: Hi, I'm Mike Shackleford with the Wizard of Odds and I am at the 2017 cutting edge table game conference at the Paris Casino in Las Vegas. I'm joined again by Angel Espino. You may remember Angel from last year who was demonstrating his game, Blackjack Burnout.

Poker Burnout

What do you got for us this year, Angel?

[00:00:30] Angel: Well, this year we have a poker variation and it's called Poker Burnout and it's similar to Blackjack Burnout because you have the opportunity to burn a card that you don't want.

It goes with the theme and that's a beauty of the name of the game

You get three cards, but you can only keep two so you got to burn and make a decision and burn a card. We're going with the theme of Blackjack Burnout and Poker Burnout.

[00:00:54] Michael: All right. Well, I'm excited to play. Can I play a few hands?

[00:00:56] Angel: Yes. I'll walk you right through it.

[00:00:58] Michael: All right. Thank you.

[00:01:00] Angel: Everyone, place your bets

The blind here gets the player three cards. Each player gets three cards. There will be a flop, a turn, and a river. The whole objective is to try to get a three of a kind or better. Now, after the blind, you pay the ante to see the flop. You do the ante, everybody got the ante? Now, you get to see reveal the flop.

At this point, you want to do the call bet but you have to decide which card you want to throw back. You've got to burn a card before you see the turn and the river.

Here's where you want to make a decision…

…where you go for a flush or you want to go for the straight.

[00:01:42] Michael: Supposing I want to keep all my cards, is that an option?

[00:01:46] Angel: It's not an option because this is called poker burner. You got to burn one. There you go, and then all you do is place it there and then you put your cards here.

Now, I reveal…

…what we do is pick up the burn card, then we reveal the last two, the turn and the river. Now-- you just need the call bit there.

[00:02:08] Woman: Sorry.

[00:02:09] Angel: We're hoping here for a straight so you just got eight. Nope. No straight there. You take the money and then here we go. We got three of a kind.

Poker Burnout

Now, here's a really cool thing about it

The back pays even money and the front pays you six to one there. Got 30. There you go. Even the money on the call bet, ante, and six to one on the blind. The whole objective is to get a three of a kind or better. It'll pay the highest hand only. If you have a straight and a flush, it will pay the highest hand.

We'll reveal your hand

We have Jack and eight, so we have the straight there. You're using the best five out of the seven cards and you can also play the board. Here, you're playing one card and four community cards and that gets you the straight, even in the back, $80 in the front on the blind.

Good job. That's a good hand.

[00:03:14] Michael: We can have another hand?

[00:03:16] Angel: All right. Everybody place their bets. Good luck. Everybody gets three cards and good luck. Good luck. Good luck.

There's a flop

…and we have a turn, and a river. The whole objective here is to get a three of a kind or better and we always recommend it to bet the ante so we can see the flop, because you never know what's going to happen on the flop. It's always recommended by the math to see the flop. Here we go. We're about to reveal the flop.

Now, we have the option to call and burn a card

You can burn a card. Burn a card, everybody burns a card. Dealer collects the cards and then now reveal the turn and the burn. There we go. We'll show the hands. You got two-pair, you need three of a kind or better. That comes down. Over here, we have two-pair eights and nines and over here we have a full-house, full boat, sevens full of nines.

Poker Burnout

On the back pays you even money

…in the front is 20 to one so that is 200 on the front bet. Good job. 200 in the front and you get the full-house. Sevens full of nines. That's to use the best five cards out of the seven.

You can also just play the board if there's something on the board or you don't necessarily have to use your two hole cards.

[00:04:53] Michael: Angel, thank you so much for showing me the game. I liked it so much, can I play it anywhere?

[00:04:57] Angel: Not right now. Right now we're just introducing it to the public today. Today, we're revealing it. We're getting ready for early next year for a field trial and then that would happen in Black Hawk, Colorado.

Shortly after that, you'll be able to play it.

[00:05:11] Michael: All right. Thanks again.

[00:05:12] Angel: You got it. Thank you, Michael. Appreciate it.