All Out Derby


[00:00:10] Michael Shackleford: Hi, this is Michael Shackleford at the 2016 Cutting Edge Table Game Show at The Flamingo in Las Vegas. I'm here with Sir Mark Jones, demonstrating the game All Out Derby. Hi Mark. How are you doing?

[00:00:23] Mark Jones: Fantastic.

[00:00:24] Michael: Can you tell me what you got here?

[00:00:26] Mark: Yes. What we decided to do is create a game that was not like your typical game at the casino. We're not a blackjack table. We're not a roulette table. We're not a poker game. We wanted to create a horse racing game where the players can bet against each other on the winning horse of a race just like they'd do at a track. We do that via our bingo ball blowers. Would you like me to explain the game?

[00:00:46] Michael: Yes. Please, go into more detail.

[00:00:48] Mark: Okay. There's six horses on the table, one through six. The players have betting positions around the table. Player number one, if they would like to bet the sixth horse puts their chip in the one position. They can bet as many horses as they want. Our blowers have one through six multiple sets and they’re there representing the horses. This blower represents the amount of spaces that horse will move. We have fours, fives and sixes in this blower. The math on this game is 3.44% for the house.

[00:01:17] Speaker 1: The object of the game is to pick the winner of the race. You want to place your bets on whatever horse you believe it's going to win the race. Your position is right here. You're going to place your bet on position three on whichever horse you think is going to win. You’re position's four so you want to place your bet on the position four on whichever horse you believe will win the race. Okay? Let's get this game started.

[00:01:55] Michael: Six.

[00:01:55] Speaker 1: Horse number six.

[00:01:57] Michael: You know what, I always wanted six.

[00:01:58] Speaker 1: Four spaces.

[00:02:00] Michael: Four spaces. All right.

[background conversation]

[00:02:11] Speaker 1: Horse number four.

[00:02:12] Michael: Six spots.

[00:02:13] Speaker 1: Six spaces.

[00:02:19] Michael: Four.

[00:02:20] Speaker 1: Four again.

[00:02:21] Michael: Four again.

[00:02:22]Speaker 1: We may have a winner. Four spaces. One, two, three, four. Horse number four has won the game.

[00:02:32] Michael: All right, Mark. Thank you very much for that demonstration.

[00:02:35] Mark: All right. Thank you for having us. This is a fun game we hope we put it in the casinos.

[00:02:38] Michael: Yes, I hope to see it soon. That is all out derby.


[00:03:07] [END OF AUDIO]