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Last Updated: May 16, 2016




Elite Edge Videos

In January 2014 I tried to make up for the low-budget videos I did in 2011. I hired Elite Edge Productions to help with the audio, video, and editing. These are much better than my old ones. Any fault in them I place on myself.

Heather Ferris Videos

These videos were made by my assistant Heather Ferris. They were all shot at the 2014 and 2015 Raving Table Games show.



Miscellaneous Videos

In October 2011 I spent two days making instructional gambling videos. They were edited months later. I know that these videos wouldn't meet the quality standards of Stanley Kubrick. In fact, Ed Wood (my hero) would probably walk out if asked to watch them, even if he were in an airplane.

Seriously, these were done two cheap video cameras and none of the usual accoutrements, like lights or microphones. There was no advance planning or scripting, we all improvised the whole thing. I absolutely can't blame Angela, my student, or Rhys, my editor. I accept all the blame myself.

You can leave comments on YouTube about how much I suck, and how much the videos stink, if you wish. I already know, and my forum members at Wizard of Vegas have already beaten me up pretty badly for the lack production values. After this experience I can no longer laugh at movies like Plan Nine from Outer Space, because I know that making a video of even something easy is a lot harder than it looks.

So, with my confession out of the way, here are the links directly to YouTube to watch them.




Blackjack Strategies

Blackjack Basic Strategy with infinite decks

Part one of two in a series where I create the blackjack basic strategy using Excel. I also make the spreadsheet available to the public spreadsheet available to the public.

Blackjack house edge with infinite decks

Part two of two in a series where I calculate the house edge of blackjack using Excel. See above for a link to the actual spreadsheet.

American Casino Guide Videos

From time to time Steve Bourie, of the American Casino Guide, visits Vegas and asks me to do some videos with him. His production values are much better than mine, which may explain why they get about 20 times as many views each. Enjoy.

Written by: Michael Shackleford

Wizard Recommends