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Last Updated: August 1, 2014

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Wizard Endorsed Internet Casinos

Players have a lot of choices for online gambling. It is a fairly new industry that, depending on the jurisdiction, still has little to no regulation. Fortunately for players, there are a few good watchdog sites out there that endeavor to steer players towards the reputable casinos and away from the worst of them. Meanwhile, there are also a lot of phony watchdog sites that pretty much sell good reviews. I'd like to think that I'm one of the good guys who truly have the player's best interest at heart.

Of course, anybody can say their reviews are unbiased. But not everybody can say they have been a faithful watchdog over the industry since a couple years after the site launched in 1997. Along the way, I've made lots of enemies, especially with my online casino blacklist, which has caused me to be threatened with lawsuits multiple times. I have been the first to expose multiple cases of cheating online, which has put casinos and software companies out of business.

Casinos that I do support meet my high standards for honesty, professionalism, a high level of customer support, and competitive odds. Very few casinos meet my high standards.

I put my name to this site and my recommendations. If you spend some time around the site I think you'll learn that my word is good and my reputation is solid. When you patronize my advertisers by clicking through ads before signing up for an account, you not only support this site but put rice on my table and my kids in school. In return for clicking through one of my ads before you register for a new account, I will be your advocate in the unlikely event you ever have a dispute with the casino. If, after trying to resolve a dispute on your own first, you are not satisfied, I will listen to your version of the facts of the case and approach the casino myself.

Any casino advertising on this site must agree to my mediation services. I'm happy to say that since I started advertising Internet casinos in 1999 (the two previous years were advertising free), I've had very few requests for such mediation and all of them ended with a happy outcome for the player.

I have to stress this offer only applies to Wizard endorsed casinos and for players who clicked through my site before registering for an account. These affiliate codes are tracked by the casinos. If you have a dispute with another casino, or are not a "Wizard" player, then you should ask whatever affiliate site you did use for help.

I'm not trying to twist anybody's arm to gamble online who doesn't want to. However, if you're so inclined, clicking through one of my banners will take you to some of the best casinos available, and support me, my family, and this site in continuing to provide you with quality gaming advice. If you do wish to support the site, but have no intention of gambling online, please consider a cash donation.

Thank you.

Your financial support also helps beautify my adopted stretch of the I-15 Highway, south of Vegas.

Wizard Endorsed Internet Casinos

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