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With the latest additions to the pool of online casino payment options, players are ultimately able to choose anything from the standard credit and debit card funding option, up to all kinds of modern services. Opinions vary as to the best choice out of the selection, as some believe in tradition while others lay their trust with the latest tech achievements.

The credit and debit card options process transactions the same way across all major online retailers, casino and other gambling operators and the likes. However, the same cannot be said of the more contemporary additions to the payment options pool. After all, e-wallets require registration, prepaid cards may operate independently of any personal information, while similar online payment processors could end up combining all the above. Either way, paysafecard is definitely one option worth a try. Enthusiasts are bound to love it as instantly as it takes the service to process any online payments or purchases.


About Paysafecard

The company behind this online payment service is Paysafe Group, responsible for the initial establishment of paysafecard in the Austrian city of Vienna. The product itself was officially launched into public use in 2000, and has seen quite progressive tendencies over the first few years, up until 2007. In fact, they were even given EU funding, as the service actually introduced a form of digital money that did not require users to connect through banks and such private financial accounts.

From the starting years,...

...the service had already expanded across the major member-states of the EU, starting with its initial seat locations, Austria and Germany, one year later. Residents of Greece, Slovakia, the UK and Spain were the first included under the paysafecard umbrella. Once the company completely converted all physical prepaid cards into e-vouchers, the second phase of the service’s evolution came forward.

Massive expansion...

...of the service availability saw global residents using the paysafecard – from France, Switzerland and Portugal, through the Netherlands, the Czech Republic, Belgium and Croatia, to Turkey, the USA, Mexico and Canada among the likes.

In the following years,...

...the success trend has maintained a stable expansion and further global recognition. The Great British Financial Conduct Authority, a major name in the sphere of financial regulations, practically licensed paysafecard through its UK “Prepaid Services Company Ltd.” subsidiary.


...the company has offices in London, Dusseldorf, Mexico City, Buenos Aires and New York, and global coverage across 40+ countries. Hence, no further proof is needed regarding the beneficial, accessible and widely compatible nature of their online payment method.

Paysafecard is popular in these countries


Types of Paysafecard Services

Anyone interested in benefiting from the use of paysafecard’s services should be aware of the options it provides. Following is a list of the different ways to make use of the prepaid payment method, starting with their most formal prepaid voucher, through their dedicated online solution, up to their cooperation with one of the major processing services.

Paysafecard Vouchers

Interested users wanting to get the original paysafecard experience opt for the voucher solution. This prepaid voucher can be purchased at a number of land-based retail locations, and individuals can practically access the service website, enter their location and choose from the venues most convenient for them.


... paysafecard vouchers can now be purchased online, straight from the website. Whichever option you choose, there are a number of cash amount variants to suit your online payment needs. Thus, users can buy paysafecard vouchers in the value of £10, £25, £50, £75 and £100, and additionally £125, £150 or £175, at PayPoint retail outlets.


My Paysafecard

Those who wish to opt for a full online version can choose the ‘my paysafecard’ solution instead. In order to use the service, you will need to create a ‘my paysafecard’ account which requires some basic personal information such as name, address, email, username and password.

Users can fund their ‘my paysafecard’account...

... by purchasing a voucher, or directly through their credit and debit cards. In this regard, it is important that you learn how funds are actually transferred from such vouchers to the desired destination. These vouchers feature a 16-digit PIN code that users need to input when paying for a good or service, or simply funding their account.

What’s interesting...

... about the account is its highly intelligent programmed mechanism. Users can input PINs from a number of vouchers, but the actual account service will start using funds from the oldest one onwards. That way, it greatly reduces the risk of the voucher’s expiration, or alternatively, the fee charged for account maintenance following the initial one-year free user period.

This account can be used and accessed on both desktop and mobile devices, for any online service fitting the respective platform. Android and iOS smartphones and tablets additionally feature an inherent app for each operative system, in order to provide users with as seamless an experience as possible.

Paysafecard MasterCard

This is a plastic paysafecard card issued in collaboration with MasterCard so that users can top off their balance using credit or debit cards just as easily as vouchers. While this is already possible with the ‘my paysafecard’ option, users can additionally pay with this plastic card at land-based and online venues that accept MasterCard, even if they don’t accept paysafecard payments.


Payment Method

So far, paysafecard has found to be a great application on numerous e-commerce occasions, with the iGaming industry providing one of the top opportunities. After all, the anonymity and instant transaction process of the prepaid vouchers are bound to benefit online casino players and the likes. All it takes is for players to learn the basics of the process in order to ensure a prime experience.

Deposits at Casino Sites

The process of making a deposit at an online casino is rather simple and intuitive, as platforms are trying to appeal and retain the player for as long as possible. Nevertheless, in order to successfully deposit your online gambling bankroll funds to the proper player account, it is best that you are acquainted with a few steps:

Step 1: Make sure you choose a reputable and reliable online casino that offers paysafecard among its banking methods. After you have made an account with the given platform, all that’s left is to go straight to the Banking/Cashier section and choose it from the list of options.

Step 2: Once you’ve selected paysafecard, you can deposit funds from any of the three types of services illustrated above. Players depositing via voucher will be required to enter the 16-digit PIN of their voucher and have the funds directly transferred to the online casino account. Should you purchase this voucher from a gas station or any local land-based convenience store, it would completely save you the trouble of disclosing personal information.

Players can also choose to deposit using a ‘my paysafecard’ account, or by making a payment with the paysafecard MasterCard solution. The former option would require players to practically link the payment service profile containing basic private info with their online casino platform. As for the latter option, casino players will be able to deposit to their accounts just as using a regular credit or debit card.


Paysafecard Withdrawals at Online Casino Sites

Due to the prepaid nature of the service and its voucher solution, paysafecard online casinos are not yet able to include the service among withdrawal processing methods. Nonetheless, players are still able to cash out their winnings using the numerous alternatives such as e-wallets Skrill, Neteller, PayPal, or online payment processors such as Zimpler, Sofort, Klarna and many more.

Advantages of Paysafecard Online Casino Banking

Considering the massive success of the service, it is more than expected of the paysafecard online payment service to offer a range of advantages to its user base. These include:

  • Proper bankroll management – Precisely due to the fact that it is a prepaid service, paysafecard is extremely helpful when practicing proper bankroll management. This is mainly because players cannot spend funds they don’t have, and the only way to deposit via paysafecard is if they have enough cash in their possession.
  • Secure transactions – As already mentioned, anonymity is practically guaranteed and players using vouchers are in no risk of having their personal or banking information transferred to their online casino and misused. In fact, even if players opt for the plastic paysafecard MasterCard or the online client, their encryption certificate is bound to prevent any third party intrusion and malpractice.
  • Fast payment processing – The deposits processed with paysafecard’s service are instantaneous, smooth and seamless, without any obstacles or issues that could impede the player experience.
  • Foreign currency availability – Due to the service’s availability across the globe, it is natural that users can make use of several distinct currencies. So far, paysafecard accepts payments made in EUR, USD, ARS, AUD, BGN, CAD, CHF, CZK, DKK, GBP, GEL, HRK, HUF, KWD, NOK, MXN, NZD, PEN, PLN, RON, RSD, SAR, SEK, TRY, UYU and AED.
  • Accessible funds management & transfer – Regardless of the type of solution you choose, paysafecard allows all users to access and review their transaction history and available funds, and make a financial plan on its basis. Hence, players will be able to make the most of their funds, at all their desired game formats and titles.


  • Country restrictions – While residents from over 40 countries worldwide are able to employ the service for online casino banking, a much larger number are still lacking the opportunity. When compared to the leading online casino payment processors, especially credit and debit card companies Visa and MasterCard, it seems paysafecard is yet a long way away from its ultimate goal.
  • No intuitive PIN use at online casinos – Online payments made from a ‘my paysafecard’ that has been linked to numerous vouchers will instinctively use the funds from the oldest PIN. This intelligent programmed mechanism is practically applicable to all e-commerce destinations except online casino sites, where players need to specify from which voucher they wish to use the funds for online deposit purposes.

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Does paysafecard have a customer service segment?

Yes, paysafecard features a widely responsive and constantly available customer support and service team of representatives. They are actively available 24/7, answering player inquiries and resolving issues communicated via an email, an online ready-made contact form or the hotline.

Are paysafecard vouchers – local and online – restricted in terms of payment and payout limits?

Yes, paysafecard voucher users will need to oblige to the payment limits of this prepaid card service, which amount up to £200. Payout limits are imposed just as strictly and straightforwardly – my paysafecard Standard services feature a payout limit of £250 as the most that users can payout both per transaction and on a monthly basis. On the other hand, my paysafecard Unlimited offers a limit of £1833,33 per payout transaction, and £11,000 annually.

Do the same limits apply across all types of paysafecard MasterCard services?

Young adults are more limited in terms of the money they can handle using their paysafecard MasterCard. Thus, an amount of £750 is both the maximum balance and the maximum top-up per day. On a monthly basis, this turns to £1,500, but single and daily transaction limits remain as the former. Four hundred British pounds is the most users can withdraw on a single try and daily from an ATM, while the ATM monthly cashout is limited at £1,000. Adult users have higher thresholds for some transactions such as card balance and monthly top up - £4,000, and daily top up of £1,500, while the annual limit is £40,000. The adults’ daily transactions are limited at double the amount of the young users, while ATM withdrawals remain subject to the same caps.

Does the company charge users a fee when processing any particular operations?

Yes, players will experience a fee charge upon several occasions of using paysafecard – when converting one currency into another is the first occasion. Alternately, voucher users will experience a £3 charge for maintenance, from the 13th month of the voucher use onwards. Users will experience a £5 fee for the same reason, should their account have been dormant in the past 12 months. Ultimately, users are charged a £6 redemption fee when asking a refund from any given online retailer.

Can I use it as a payment option at any e-commerce platform if it is an approved payment method for my country of residence?

No, is not as widespread payment method across official legal and governmental bodies. Hence, even if you are from Italy per say, and enjoy a prime Italian online gaming experience, you cannot use it to pay for court expenses or any other official governmental service.