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Last Updated: September 16, 2019

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Live Baccarat Dealer


I think every Live Dealer studio offers at least one baccarat game. Many offer multiple tables. Often the only thing separating one game from another is the dealer. Other times, some games may offer commission-free rules, different side bets, or the chance to take insurance in some mid-state situations. I've tried to briefly explain the options available the Live Dealer studios I'm aware of.

First some words of terminology:

  • Super 6 — This is the commission-free version of baccarat where a winning Banker bet with a total of six is a push. In other parts of this site, I refer to this rule as the Nepal variant. As a warning, the house edge on the Banker bet in Super 6 Baccarat is 1.46%, which is considerably higher than the 1.06% in conventional baccarat.
  • Insurance Baccarat — In this variant, the player can sometimes take insurance in the middle of the hand. This is typically done as a hedge on a likely winning Player bet.
  • Perfect Pairs — This side bet wins if the initial two-card Player or Banker hand are an exact match (in both rank and suit).

Odds Review

My advice in baccarat is simple, stick to the Player and Banker bets only, preferably the Banker. Every other bet is a sucker bet. Here is a quick review of the house edge of the major bets and some common side bets in Live Dealer baccarat. All house edge figures assume eight decks.

  • Player: 1.24%
  • Banker: 1.06% in conventional baccarat and 1.46% in Super 6.
  • Tie: At the usual win of 8 to 1, the house edge is 14.36%
  • Perfect Pairs: At the usual win of 25 to 1, the house edge is 13.03%.
  • Player/Banker Pair: At the usual win of 11 to 1, the house edge is 10.36%.
  • Either Pair: At the usual win of 5 to 1, the house edge is 13.71%.

If you didn't see a bet on the list above, please check my page of baccarat side bets.

Asia Gaming


baccarat img 2 asia gaming   Baccarat Insurance at Asia Gaming

Asia Gaming offers five different baccarat variants that we're aware of:

  • Bid Baccarat — In this version, the player can remotely cut the cards.
  • Classic Baccarat
  • Dragon Bonus Baccarat
  • Insurance Baccarat
  • VIP Baccarat

Bet Construct

bet construct super 6 baccarat

Bet Construct offers two versions of baccarat, regular and Super 6. Both offer side bets on a Player or Banker pair, perfect pairs, and either pair. The help files mention side bets titled Tie Bonus and Sum Bonus, but I couldn't find a place to bet them on the table nor any information about these other bets.


ebet baccarat

The Ebat baccarat game allows you to keep track of your own shoe but the shoes on other games, for superstitious players who like to jump from table to table. In addition to the usual bets, they offer side bets on whether the Player and Banker hands will have an odd or even total. The following table shows all the bets offered, what they pay, and the house edge.

eBet Baccarat Summary

Bet Pays House Edge
Player 1 1.24%
Banker 0.95 1.06%
Tie 8 14.36%
Player pair 11 10.36%
Banker pair 11 10.36%
Player odd 0.96 3.78%
Player even 0.9 5.09%
Banker odd 0.94 3.07%
Banker even 0.94 2.93%



baccarat evolution

Evolution offers both standard baccarat and Super 6. Both offer a host of side bets.


baccarat ezugi

Ezugi offers four different baccarat games. Some of them are dealt in the Queenco Casino in Cambodia. Here is a summary of the Ezugi baccarat offerings:

  • Live Baccarat — Standard game, with too many side bets to mention.
  • Queenco Baccarat — Dealt from the casino floor in Cambodia.
  • Super 6 — Variant where a winning Banker total of six is a push.
  • Dragon Bonus — Regular baccarat with the Dragon Bonus side bets.


fashiontv baccarat

The FashionTV baccarat game follows the standard rule of all Banker wins paying 0.95. The help files mention a whole bunch of side bets, but at Vbet, where I based this revue, they offered the following only:

  • Player and Banker pairs, pay 11 to 1, house edge of 10.36%.
  • Total of 4 cards, pays 3 to 2, house edge of 5.27%
  • Total of 5 cards, pays 2 to 1, house edge of 8.94%
  • Total of 6 cards, pays 1 to 1, house edge of 36.49% (ouch!)
  • Judging from the blackjack help file, which offers the same side bet, the Perfect Pairs follows the 25-12-5 pay table for a house edge of 7.95%.
  • Either pair, pays 5 to 1, house edge of 13.71%.

What I would like to emphasize is the huge house edge on the bet on a total of six cards played. Usually this bet pays 2 to 1, but the help file indicates a win of 1 to 1, increasing the house from a reasonable 4.69% to 36.49%! In all fairness, it is possible the help file is in error,

Gameplay Interactive

baccarat gameplay interactive   commission free baccarat gameplay interactive

What little I do know about Gameplay Interactive I got from screenshots from their web site. These indicate they offer both standard and Super 6 baccarat. Worth mentioning is they offer animated "live" dealer games as well.

Ho Gaming

ho gaming baccarat

Ho Gaming offers two baccarat games, Classic and Grand. They both follow the conventional rules and have the same fundamental five bets. The only difference seems to be studio. The Grand game seems to be in a fancy private room.

Lucky Streak

lucky streak baccarat

Lucky Streak offers our only male dealer. Other than the main five bets, they offer Small and Big side bets.

Oriental Game

baccarat oriental game

Oriental Game offers a standard baccarat game with the five standard bets.

SA Gaming

baccarat SA gaming

SA Gaming has a clever feature where the player can play conventional or Super 6 baccarat on the same table. Just one click switches the rules.

I just give SA Gaming a stern finger-wagging for paying only 12 to 1 on a Super 6 (banker winning total of 6). Most places pay 16 to 1 on this bet. However, the stingy 12 to 1 SA Gaming odds has a house edge of 29.98% (ouch!).

Super Spade

baccarat - super spade

Super Spade has a simple game with the main three bets only -- Player, Banker, and Tie. I personally had a very lousy video connection, but others on the Wizard team report a clear feed.


baccarat usoft

What sets the Usoft baccarat game apart from the rest is the dealers are sporadicly topless. On what basis they flash, I don't recall. Judging by the lovely ladies, the studio is in Costa Rica. The baccarat rules are standard.

Visionary iGaming

super 6 visionary igaming   baccarat visionary igaming

Visionary iGaming offers both classic and Super 6 baccarat games from their studio in Costa Rica. The player may choose "table view" of the whole table or "card view," which is a close up on the cards. The game offers side bets on a Player Pair, Banker Pair, Either Pair, Player Dragon, and Banker Dragon.

Vivo Gaming

vivo gaming baccarat

Vivo Gaming offers two tables in what seems like different studios. Both offer the usual bets as well as five side bets: Player/Banker Bonus, Big/Small, and Perfect Pairs.


punto banco wirex

Wirex Gaming offers a single baccarat game, which they refer to as Punto Banco, from a real casino somewhere, I think in Malta. Just the standard three bets.

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