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Super Spade Games Software & 4 Online Casinos Reviewed

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Super Spade Games is an online betting software provider that provides casino games to online casinos throughout the globe. The company deploys games in HTML5, having started out with standard table games and having recently moved into the live dealer market.

Super Spade has made their future ambitions well-known. At ICE 2020, an executive at the company told me that their sights were set on focusing on the Indian market, and their game selection certainly reflects this. You’ll find online versions of Andar-Bahar and Teen Patti, which I can’t recall having seen anywhere else in live dealer form. Still, there are a mixture of other standard casino games, including War, Baccarat, Roulette, and Dragon Tiger.

Unfortunately, the Super Spade platform as a whole is a bit disappointing. Things look dated and this even applies to the live dealer software. It should also be noted that the production quality isn’t as high, and while the dealers are gorgeous in their own right, they certainly don’t hold a candle to the dealers we see on the likes of Evolution Gaming.

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Table Games

The table games looked they they were made in the late 90's and somebody recently dusted them off. What game I could get to work were very slow and often crashed. Games I couldn't open at all, and not giving a specific review to are:

  • Sic bo
  • Russian poker

Andar Bahar

Andar Bahar

Super Spade offers a basic Andar Bahar game with no side betting. They follow the liberal rules of paying 0.9 on the Andar bet 1.0 on Bahar, for a house edge as follows:

  • Andar: 2.15%
  • Bahar: 3.00%



The baccarat game is very basic, offering the five main bets. The house edge is as follows:

  • Player: 1.24%
  • Banker: 1.06%
  • Tie: 14.36%
  • Player pair: 10.36%
  • Banker pair: 10.36%

Dragon Tiger

Dragon Tiger

The traditional Dragon Tiger rules and pays are followed. Following is the house edge on each bet:

  • Dragon: 3.73%
  • Tiger: 3.73%
  • Tie: 32.77%

Teen Patti

Teen Patti

Teen Patti is the same thing as Three Card Poker, except a three of a kind is ranked higher than a straight flush and three aces pays more than other three of a kinds for both the Ante bonus and Pairplus. Following is the house edge of the three bets offered:

  • Ante: 3.79%
  • Pairplus: 6.91%
  • 6 Card Bonus: 15.28%

For more information, please see my page on Teen Patti.



The roulette game is played on a 37-number wheel. The house edge on every bet is 2.70%.

For a comparison against competing live dealer products, please see our page on roulette live online dealers.

Hold 'Em Poker

Hold 'Em Poker

Hold 'em Poker is the same thing as Texas Hold 'Em Bonus. Super Spade follows the liberal Vegas rules for a low element of risk (ratio of expected money lost to money bet) of 0.53%.



There are two different blackjack games that differ only in the inclusion of the Perfect Pairs side bet in one of them. The player may play up to three hands at once. Following are the blackjack rules.

  • Eight decks
  • Dealer peeks for blackjack
  • Dealer hits soft 17
  • Player may double on 9 to 11 only
  • Double after split allowed
  • Re-splitting allowed (except aces) up to four hands

According to my blackjack house edge calculator, the house edge under these rules is 0.75%, which is rather high for online blackjack.

The game follows the 25-12-5 Perfect Pairs side bet for a house edge of 7.95%.

Slot machines

Bollywood Nights
Diwali Lights
Hidden Kingdom
Lost Saga

The slot machines are not exactly state of the art. However, if you are nostalgic for the mid 2000's decade (is there a term for that decade yet?) then you may like them. The features are simple and I suspect many are skins of each other. However, as long as you're having fun and not losing too much money, that's the important thing.

Unfortunately, no information is given about return percentages.

Live Dealers

At the time of this review, my experience with the live dealer game was pretty awful. I often couldn't get a live feed, the game wouldn't open at all, or if I could play, the game would quickly crash. The dealers looked like real dealers, as opposed to the eastern European beauties many of their competitors feature. The games are very basic and the interface minimal.