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Last Updated: September 17, 2019

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Live Roulette Dealer


Roulette is the only game every Live Dealer provider seems to offer. They make doing this review easy because they all deal single-zero roulette. With one zero only the house edge is 2.70% on every bet. That means you can play wherever you have the most fun or find the dealers the most attractive.

The main thing differentiating one game from another were the statistics offered on past spins. However, don't let me writing about that fool you. Past spins are worthless in predicting the next spin. On a fair roulette wheel, which I presume these are, every number has the same chances. Providing information on past spins only feeds into the delusional belief of some players that the past matters.


amaya roulette

Amaya offers the game on an actual roulette table, not just the wheel as most other places do. They remind the player of the hottest and coldest four numbers going back an unknown number of spins.

Asia Gaming

roulette asia gaming

Asia Gaming has a betting layout in Chinese. Don't worry, it's pretty obvious what all the bets are. They also show a history of the previous eight spins.

Asia Live Tech

roulette asia live tech

Asia Live Tech positions their camera on the ceiling, looking down at the ugly flowered yellow carpeting. The betting interface shows the last five spins and offers racetrack betting.

Bet Construct

roulette bet construct

Judging from this promotional picture, Bet Construct shows a history of the last eight spins and offers racetrack betting.


ebet roulette

The Ebet roulette wheel is single-zero. The camera angle looks directly down on the wheel. For the superstitious players, not only is there a red/black history board for the wheel you're playing, but the other live roulette wheels. The house edge on every bet is 2.70%.


immersive roulette evolution

Evolution calls their game Immersive Roulette, but I don't know why. If you like to play against the backdrop of a starry sky, this is the game for you. No history is given but they do offer racetrack betting.


ezugi roulette

Ezugi offers roulette with a very bored-looking dealer, at least at the time I reviewed them. No to number history and yes to racetrack betting.


fashiontv roulette

FashionTV offers attractive dealers in a nice looking studio. If you get bored, you can watch runway models walking to and fro in the background.

Ho Gaming

grand roulette ho gaming

Ho Gaming has dealers in fancy Asian outfits. The interface shows the hottest number, color, even/odd, column, high/low, and dozen. They also offer racetrack betting.

Lucky Streak

lucky streak roulette

Lucky Streak offers plenty of statistics, including how often each bet won over whatever period of time they look back, the last ten numbers, and a pie chart showing how often each number has hit. This would be very useful in checking for a biased wheel.

Net Entertainment

Net Entertainment

Net Entertainment had the only male roulette dealer at the time I put this page together. Is it just me, or does he look like a young Sasha Baron Cohen. The game shows the previous 15 spins as well as the three hottest and coldest numbers.

Oriental Game

Oriental Game roulette

Oriental Game has another roulette table in Chinese. However, who cares when their dealers are dressed in Playboy Bunny looking outfits, minus the ears. It looks like they display the previous six spins and offer racetrack betting.

Play Pearls

play pearls roulette

Play Pearls deals their game on an actual roulette table, not just the wheel. The show statistics on the past history of red/black and odd/even.

SA Gaming

sa gaming roulette

SA Gaming deals their roulette game in what looks like a real casino, but with no live players. They offer something I've never seen before, a red/black history done like a baccarat scoreboard. They also show the previous 14 numbers and hottest and coldest six numbers.

Super Spade

roulette -- super spade

As usual, Super Spade offers a very simple, no-nonsense game. I personally have experienced bad and dropped connections.


usoft roulette

Usoft is the only provider to offer intermittently topless dealers. Even at the other times they are dressed in see-through outfits. Any other details are pale in importance.

Visionary iGaming

visionary igmaing roulette

Visionary iGaming shows a history of the previous 13 numbers as well as the hottest and coldest six. However, what gets my attention is the chat box. It helps me brush up on my Spanish.

Vivo Gaming

vivo gaming roulette

Vivo Gaming offers two styles of roulette games. Both show a history of the past 12 numbers and have racetrack betting.


wirex roulette

Wirex Gaming shows a history of the past ten numbers and a chat box to converse with the dealer. They also show the previous ten spins and a live display board is on camera, but it's hard to read.

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Wizard Recommends

  • Bovada-Casino
    $3000 Welcome Bonus Play
  • Shazam-Casino
    300% + 100 Free Spins Play
  • Sloto'Cash-Casino
    $7777 + 300 Free Spins Play

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