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Online casino players nowadays want to go with more modern payment solutions as opposed to traditional banking options, so, as such a player, you should consider using ePay. This is a global eWallet that offers multicurrency and cryptocurrency transactions, and that’s precisely its forte. It is a solution for forward-thinking users that wish to switch between digital and fiat currency, avoiding paying any unnecessary fees along the way. It is incredibly easy and above all safe to use, therefore, if interested in it, continue reading as we’ll cover everything you need to know about it. What is ePay and why choose to use it as your online casino payment method?

About ePay

Launched about a decade ago, in 2014, ePay is a global eWallet that attends to users from all across the world. Initially, though, since it was launched in China, it was intended to facilitate the transfers of money to Chinese users who wish to send international transactions across the globe. With headquarters in Hong Kong, the solution quickly picked up and expanded its reach.

First, it expanded to the UK, but as years passed, it opened offices in plenty of other countries. In the UK, it set up its business in 2016 and quickly after that, it received its PCI certification and ISCCC certificate, further strengthening its position as a safe global solution to use.

Since it is an eWallet that offers transactions in both fiat and digital currencies, two years later, it even received recognition from the crypto community, receiving the Best Blockchain Payment Service Award. That was its stepping stone to expand to the US and Europe, offering all kinds of online payment services as an official electronic money institution. A few years ago, it also received the National High-Tech Enterprise Award.

Considering all of this, it should come as no surprise that the solution is now available in over 200 countries and territories across the globe, opening over 6 branches in different regions. Its user base counts over a million users, considering it has partnered with over 150 banks and other financial institutions all over the world. It is used across so many industries, thanks to the comprehensive suite of services and products it offers, including transfer, exchange and global remittance. And of course, that includes the online gambling industry.

Even though it is yet to get into the spotlight, since it is not offered across too many online casinos, it is getting there. The number of users interested in it is growing, and so is the number of operators that consider offering it. For now, however, you can find it across several dozens of casinos, mainly because it is incredibly cost-efficient, so if interested in it, continue reading to figure out how to get started with it and use it for the smoothest deposits and withdrawals.

Getting Started with It

The first thing you’d need to do in order to initiate the getting started process with ePay is to visit its official website. While on it, you’ll find many pages thoroughly explaining its history, how it works, how to protect your funds and sensitive details from fraud and the fees regarding certain services.

What you’ll learn from the website is that ePay functions just like any other eWallet. And that would mean that you’d need to create an account with it. You can register via your mobile by downloading its app, or via a desktop device, right there on the website, by pressing the Sign-Up button. Once the form appears, you’d need to enter your full name, phone number and email address and password. Then, you’d need to verify your account, as an added layer of protection. You’d need to confirm the details you provided and with that, you’ll get a verification email containing a Google Authenticator code.

If you don’t have it, you’d need to download the Google Authenticator app on your mobile or desktop device, and then scan the QR code you received on your verification email. With that, you’ll have verified your ePay account. Once your account is ready, you’ll be ready to top it up with funds.

This is where this eWallet stands out from the rest, truly. Instead of regular eWallets that usually ask you to use a credit card or bank transfer to fund your account, with this eWallet, you get to keep your banking details to yourself, as you can fund your account using other eWallets or cryptocurrency wallets! You can do that in many fiat and digital currencies, too! Of course, it gives you the option to use wire transfer also, but in case you wish to go with alternatives, you have fasapay, PAYEER, advcash and Perfect Money as your options. Choose any of these, top up your account and you’ll be ready for the next step, depositing across online casinos!

How to Deposit at Online Casinos with ePay?

As introduced, ePay may not have yet reached its peak, but it is getting there. For now, you can find it across a decent number of casinos, and here at wizardofodds.com alone, you’ll find several of them reviewed thoroughly for you to explore and pick from. Some options are Frank Casino, BetandYou, and Casino-X, among others. Make sure you find the right casino for you and register your account with it.

To make a deposit with ePay, you’d need to go through the following procedure:

  1. Head over to your chosen casino’s Banking page.
  2. Locate ePay’s logo on the accepted payment methods list and press it.
  3. In the pop-up, you’ll need to choose the option you’d want to use to complete the transaction, out of the offered crypto, eWallets or wire transfer.
  4. Enter the amount you wish to deposit on your online casino balance.
  5. Confirm the transaction and in a few seconds, the money will arrive.

As you’ll soon learn, some small fees would apply for depositing with the other options, but with a wire transfer, the deposit will be fee-free. With this option, though, you'd need to go through an additional verification and authentication procedure, providing an ID/passport/driver's license or a utility bill/bank statement, upon depositing.

How to Withdraw Winnings with It?

Withdrawals with ePay are possible and quite straightforward, really, as you’d need to go through a similar procedure as the one just described, with a few modifications.

In step three, you would need to choose where you’d want your winnings to arrive, and in step four, you need to enter the amount you wish to withdraw. After the casino checks whether you have any wagering requirements unmet, and if all is in order, the money will arrive on the account you chose in no time. 

Fees and Limits

While ePay is one of the most cost-efficient eWallets out there, it is not completely free of charge. Most of its services are free, like funding your eWallet with a wire transfer, downloading the mobile app and internal transfers.

However, fees apply if you choose to top up your wallet with the other payment options, as well as for the other services it offers. While you can learn all about the fees on the Fees page on the official website, you should know that roughly, fees from 1% to 10% can be charged, depending on the service you’re using.

Allowed Countries

Even though China is the country where the solution originates from, as said, it is offered all across the globe, literally, across over 200 countries and territories. And considering it has partnered with over 150 banks and financial institutions from around the world to offer its services, chances are you’ll be able to use it with no obstacles.

On its official website, we couldn’t find any restricted countries, therefore, you can just go there and initiate the registration process, and you’ll probably be able to create your account in no time.

Available Currencies

There are over 80 currencies offered to transact with using the solution. You have mainstream fiat currencies like the euro, the US dollar, the pound sterling, the Australian dollar, etc.

You also have the Hong Kong dollar, Indian rupee, Vietnamese dong, and Japanese yen, but as said, digital currencies are your options, too. The supported crypto options are Ethereum, Litecoin and, of course, Bitcoin.

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Will I be able to explore ePay’s official website in different languages?

Given the fact the solution was launched in China, it is only natural that its website is available in Chinese. But also, it is available in English, to attend to all those global players all around the world who wish to make use of its services.

Can I make a deposit with an online casino that does not offer it?

No, not really. If the casino does not offer it on its accepted methods list, it means it hasn’t registered with it and by default, you cannot send money to businesses/people without a valid account with the solution.

What is the currency conversion rate?

The currency conversion rate, of course, will be the same as the mid-market rate at the moment you’re using the solution. Enter your account, select the currencies you’d need to exchange in the Assets-Currency Exchange field, and you’ll see the rate in the bottom right corner.

Can I cancel a payment I made with it?

That would depend on the status of your transaction. You can check it once you enter your account; if it is Completed, you’d need to get in touch with the receiving party, or in our case, the online casino operator, to get a refund, while if it is To Be Processed, you can cancel it.

If I wanted to, would I be able to withdraw money from ePay to my bank account?

Sure. It is possible to transfer money from your eWallet to your bank account. You’d need to go to the official website and in the FAQs section, you’ll discover all the steps you’d need to make to transfer the funds.