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Last Updated: February 8, 2017

The Move to Mobile

Will Mobile Device Gambling Replace Traditional Sites?

There was once a time many years ago that any form of online gambling seemed like something of a pipe dream. Let's face it: If you compare an operating system such as Windows 97 to what is available these days, then the former is going to seem somewhat primitive. With that being said, the capacity for smartphone technology has far exceeded what would have been available on a PC in the late nineties.

Virtually everything is translatable to a mobile device these days, to be completely honest, I occasionally write Articles from a mobile device. Furthermore, some of the more lucrative sites (Google and Facebook are two examples) have so many of their services available in the form of mobile apps that, other than a physical keyboard being easier to use for typing, one would hardly know the difference between a mobile and PC version of the site.

Interestingly enough, some of the, "Play for fun," type of casinos (such as Zynga Poker on the Facebook App) were among the first to enter into the smartphone market. In terms of online casinos that have the Wizard of Odds guarantee, Bovada is one of the first to successfully develop a smartphone version, and they were also our exclusive advertiser for many years.

The one thing to keep in mind about mobile casinos is that they are an excellent option for a player who has an interest in more of the, 'Consumer Staple,' games such as Blackjack, Craps, Roulette, Three-Card and a few different slots titles. It is not necessarily going to be profitable for an online casino to develop a mobile version of every one of their games because such programming costs money, and there is nothing to assure that these games will see many players.

One thing that is worth reviewing is the Terms & Conditions for any casino at which you would like to gamble using your mobile device. Among other Rules, one of the Terms that will be found at virtually any online gambling website is, "One account per household," so if you are going to use your smartphone and a friend's Internet connection, you might want to make sure that your friend does not also play on the website in question, or you could theoretically be accused of having multiple accounts.

Another example of a casino in which you will enjoy the Wizard of Odds advertising guarantee is the Miami Club Casino. Once again, the full gamut of games are not available on mobile as they would be on a PC. For example, under Table Games, there appears to only be six total games including four versions of Blackjack, and for some reason, they are also including Keno which I would not constitute as a Table Game. There are more than three times that many available on the Miami Club site.

For the time being, Mobile Gaming is still in its relative infancy, so as the medium for gambling becomes more popular, one can expect that more games will become available from casino to casino. In the meantime, before downloading any Mobile Apps to your phone make sure they are from a trusted source, (the casinos advertised both here and are good places to start) make sure you are not going to run afoul of any Terms & Conditions should you gamble from a connection that already has gamblers at these casinos, and most of all, make sure they actually have the games you want available for mobile.

Questions and Answers About Mobile Gambling

Question: Is Mobile Gambling Considered Safe?

Answer: Gambling on your smartphone should not be considered either safe or unsafe as a generality. Gambling via any method online is only as, 'Safe,' as the website that you are using to gamble. Therefore, if you choose to use an online casino, we would suggest that you select one that is available through one of our affiliate casinos at or and protected by the Wizard's Advertising Policy.

Question: Will all the games be available?

Answer: The number of games that will be available are going to differ on a site-to-site basis. For example, if you like to play Baccarat, then that is a game that appears to be available on the Bovada Mobile Casino, but not that for Miami Club. With a little bit of searching, you should be able to determine what games are available at a particular mobile casino before you Download the App. If you have to Download an App just to determine what you can play, then I personally wouldn't bother with it, they need to do a better job advertising.

Question: Will more games be coming on the mobile casino for x site?

Answer: Unfortunately, there doesn't seem to be any comprehensive list anywhere of what mobile sites already have what games, or what may be in the works at other sites. That having been said, though, the mobile casino industry is a rapidly expanding one, so it would not be a huge surprise to eventually see your game of choice at your preferred casino.

Question: If I win, will it be harder to get paid if I play mobile?

Answer: Generally speaking, playing on a site's mobile casino version is not going to change the policies on Payouts and Procedures thereof. If it does, which I doubt, then all of that should be outlined in the Terms & Conditions.

Question: Could playing mobile make it appear as though I violated a Term or Condition?

Answer: I think that's possible, but I think the only way is if you played on the same IP Address as someone else who has played at that casino. Therefore, if you intend to play at a friend's house, or something along those lines, you would do well to make sure your friend doesn't already play at that casino.

Question: Are there any advantages to be found in Mobile Gaming?

Answer: There may be more, but I can immediately think of two possibilities: The first is that an online casino may give you an additional promotion or incentive to try out the mobile version or they only offer the casino via mobile (LCB lists 4 as of writing this article). While said promotion may not necessarily have a positive Expected Value, it theoretically could.

The second possibility I can think of is if you bet Sports at a reliable advantage, my caveat being that there are many more people who THINK they bet sports at an advantage than those who actually accomplish that feat. If you do bet sports at an advantage, however, being able to react almost immediately to desired line movements on mobile sports betting (such as Bovada) should help you a little bit.

Question: In what circumstances would you not recommend mobile gambling?

Answer: I obviously do not recommend mobile gambling in cases that the casino doesn't have the game that you want to play, and that is especially true if you are a Negative Expectation gambler. If you are playing a losing game anyway, such as a slot machine, is it really that important to sneak a few spins in while you're waiting for your Doctor's Appointment or something along those lines? You could do something else with your time, like read one of my Articles at about BEATABLE online casino promotions.

Finally, I would absolutely not advise mobile gambling if you have any belief whatsoever that you might be a gambling addict. Giving yourself constant access to the online casino is the last thing you would want to do.


Online gambling is definitely spreading and improving as I type this! While it may not be available for all gambling sites right now, and while not every game that a PC version of the site offers is available for mobile, this is still a rapidly growing industry and we should see some improvements in those regards.

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Written by: Michael Shackleford

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