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Star Goddess


Star Goddess

Like many slots, Star Goddess is a 5-reel 4-row game with a bonus game feature for getting 3 or more scatters. Here are some particular features of the game:

  • Sometimes a meteor falls from the sky and changes symbols into wilds. In this industry, this is called an "exploding wild."
  • The player may pay an extra 2/3 more of his base bet to activate the "Wild Portals" mode.
  • The highest paying symbol is what I call the sapphire (see image below). In Wild Portals mode, if the sapphire appears anywhere on the screen, the frame around the sapphire will remain on the screen, surrounding other symbols, until a meteor hits it.
  • When a meteor hits a position with a frame, then not only it will become wild, but every other position with a frame and all bordering positions (including diagonally), the position on the screen of the impact.



This game is only vulturable in Wild Portals mode, so don't bother checking the state of the game with that feature deactivated.

As mentioned in the rule section above, in Wild Portals mode a frame will remain on the screen until the next qualifying meteor hit. The more the frames on the screen, especially in the first three reels, the more value there is in the next game.

As usual, opinions vary on how many are enough frames to play, so take this advice with a teaspoon, no make that a tablespoon, of salt. With that disclaimer out of the way, play if any of the following conditions are true:

  • Three frames in the first three reels.
  • Five frames in the first four reels.
  • Seven frames in the first five reels.

One could make a good argument it's better if the frames are adjacent to each other. However, in the interests of simplicity, I will ignore that.

star goddess example

In the image above, there are five framed positions in the first three reels. The minimum needed is three, so this is a good bet.

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