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Mr. Vegas Slot Machine Review


Mr. Vegas Slot Machine Review

Mr. Vegas is a very well-made video slot machine by Betsoft. The opening video is extremely well done. Note the attention to detail as Mr. Vegas' escorts jiggle as they walk across the casino floor. The theme song is done in a classic Vegas style. Frank Sinatra himself, I think, would have been proud of it.

The fun isn't over after the opening animation. Any win is emphasized with animation and sound effects. There are also four different Vegas-based bonuses to be won.

Since video slots seem to be all about the bonuses, here is more information about each one.


If you get three or more scattered slot machine symbols, then you'll win three or more free spins on a three-reel single-line slot machine. You know, the old-fashioned kind of slot machine that has a handle and pays out actual coins.

This bonus occurs frequently, but the down side to that is the wins are usually small.

Free Spins

If you get the dice symbol adjacent to Mr. Vegas then you'll be awarded the Free Spin bonus. First roll a pair of dice to determine the number of free spins. If you get doubles, then all wins are doubled. The free spins themselves seem to use the same reel strips as initial spins.


Get three scatted Mr. Vegas symbols and you'll play the Roulette Bonus Round. With Mr. Vegas and his two lovely escorts you'll free-roll on a spin of roulette. Choose any five numbers on one spin and hope one of them hits. This bonus doesn't seem to come along often, so enjoy it when it does.

Money Wheel Jackpot

Randomly scattered around the 15 positions of any spin are little wheel wedges in the upper left corners. If you receive five of them, then you'll get a free spin on the Money Wheel Jackpot. Just click "spin" and the lovely showgirl will spin the wheel. Prizes are credits, free spins, and one that says "bonus," which I presume is the Free Spin or Roulette bonus.


Artistically speaking, Mr. Vegas is about as good as it gets. The idea of games within the game was clever. The bonuses happen a lot, except the roulette one, and the average wins are fairly low. If I had designed this, I would have had decreased the bonus frequency and increased the average awards. Mathematically speaking, nothing was anything I hadn't seen before, but I give them proper credit for packing a lot into one game.

Overall, I think if you plays slots more for the entertainment value than the thrill of gambling, you'll enjoy Mr. Vegas.

Quick Facts

  • Name: Mr. Vegas.
  • Software: Betsoft.
  • Reels: 5
  • Vertical positions: 3
  • Paylines: 30
  • Line pay symbols: 10
  • Pays: Left to right
  • Stacked symbols: No
  • Scatter pay: No
  • Bonuses: Yes -- there are four as follows:
    • Free spins — Roll the dice to determine the number. Roll doubles and all wins will be doubled.
    • Mini slot — Win spins on a mini three-reel single-line slot machine.
    • Prize wheel — Win cash, free spins, or the Roulette bonus.
    • Roulette — Free-roll on a spin of roulette.
  • Wilds: No
  • Auto-play: Yes