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Casinos are practically all about fun and games, but there are a few key features of each of these entertainment establishments that makes them stand out from the rest.

With land-based casinos...

... players’ primary concerns revolve around the range of tables and gaming machines available on the floor. The quality of service and dedicated customer treatment at each facility play a major part in deciding the ultimate gambling destination. Security is just as important, as is the fairness of the games, through the dealers, all the way to the roulette wheels.

Out of these and other features of such businesses, one thing land-based casino players are less concerned about is getting their money deposited or withdrawn. A short visit at the banking counter allows players to buy chips for practically any of the games available, and cash them out at the end of their gameplay in much the same way.

Online casinos...

...normally get their games from a single exclusive or proprietary provider, or a range of titles from multiple companies. According to their preferences, players can choose the casino that best meets their gameplay demands, as there are many different combinations and options available. The same goes for the service, starting from the underlying website layout and interactivity, through responsiveness of the support agents, all the way to game fairness.


Banking at online casinos definitely takes some thinking, as players are constantly looking for the fastest, most secure, and fee-free processing service.

Since the rise of the online gambling industry, many existing banking and financial institutions have released their cashless payment processing solutions. One of the top services in this market, allowing for online funds transfer is Flexepin.

About the Service

Flexepin is the latest product offering in the Flexewallet online payment solutions company. It was invented a couple of years ago, as the company identified a need among online consumers for a new and different payment solution. Although Australia is its native country, the service has nowadays spread out to different parts of the world.

This online payment solution is in fact...

...a prepaid voucher service – the Flexepin Cash Top-Up Voucher. However, even though ‘top-up’ is part of its name, the voucher cannot be reused by topping up your current balance with additional value. Mobile casino players can freely access all their favourite titles through a smartphone, yet they cannot fund the voucher through the phone. Even at that, holders are still able to enjoy a range of benefits.

Types of Voucher Cards

The voucher card Flexepin is available for purchase via online or land-based authorised business partners, i.e. distributors. The official website of this service allows users to input their current location and get a preview of the whole network of retail locations of distributors in the vicinity.

Once you find a suitable location, or decide to go a different way, there is only one thing left to choose – the type of voucher you want to hold. While all Flexepin cards are actually the same, have the same benefits and features, they can come in a range of amounts - $20, $50, $100, $150, $250, $300 and $500.

Specifics of the Voucher Service

All prepaid voucher options are characterised by a set of features – users need to get one by paying for the service prior to using it, from the list of authorized distributors. Flexepin, specifically, has a few more that distinguish it from the rest.

For one, the Flexepin Cash Top-Up Voucher is available to anyone interested in the service worldwide. All you need to do to get your hands on one of these cards is to enter the online platform, or get to the nearest retail location using the abovementioned locator.


As you may have guessed...

...the maximum value attributed to a single card you can buy is $500. What is more, knowing that you cannot re-use the card by refilling it, the company has ultimately limited its users to holding a maximum of $500 at any one voucher. Aside from Australian dollars, the Canadian dollar, British Pound and the Euro are also available currency options; in case you are using any of these, the appropriate equivalent to this amount is used as a maximum reference point.

Voucher holders can get up to 10 cards as the maximum amount in their possession. While this may seem a bit restrictive, it is primarily done to prevent illicit activities, as an anti-money laundering technique most often.

In terms of refunds and fees...

... the Flexepin voucher normally allows refunds to be processed using its payment channels, as long as it isn’t permitted by law in the country where the user is residing.

For Canada specifically, anyone interested in purchasing a voucher of their preferred value will also need to pay a convenience fee. Its amount differs according to the specific voucher value; what is more, users from this country will also need to create an account with the TopMeUp service prior to getting their voucher. It’s a simple registration form with personal information and a method of ID authentication.

Other countries where this voucher is available, especially Australia, have even simpler procedures for getting a card in your possession. Before using it for actual transactions, there is one other key feature you need to know.

The card is identified...

...with a unique serial number that you can use when addressing customer service, or inputting it as a payment method.

However, in order to authorise the transfer of funds from the voucher value to the specific merchant, you will need to provide your 16-digit PIN code. This one is private, and according to guidelines straight from the official website, shouldn’t be shared with anyone, support agents included. Users are advised against sending it via email, text or audio-visual communication, as it is actually the primary protection of your cash.

Uses of the Flexepin Voucher

This voucher service is constantly working on expanding their availability network. They are nowadays available as a payment option at a growing number of online merchants. The reason for such success is in the massive benefits all parties can experience.

However, aside from online e-shops and various platforms, the voucher can additionally be used for payments at land-based locations. Bear in mind that you will still need to provide your 16-digit code in order to permit the transaction.

Note that, despite the payment service’s best efforts, there are still individual companies which try to scam people out of their money. In order to make sure that your chosen merchant is a reliable and authorized partner with Flexepin vouchers, just go to the official website and use the ‘Check Merchant Website’ option.

Flexepin as an Online Casino Banking

Flexepin as an Online Casino Banking Method

The online gambling industry is one of the fastest growing on the modern market; with new online casinos, sportsbooks and poker sites appearing every day, the need for improved payment options is proportionally on the rise.

At online casinos sites, operators tend to offer players a range of games from all the major providers in the industry. This way, they are trying to cover the entertainment segment of their services, making sure the latest and most popular slots, blackjack variants, and other casino game options are at a close reach. For player acquisition and retention, these businesses often use other tactics, such as bonuses, player promotions, special events and tournaments, and many other prizes and benefits.

However, when it comes to rounding up a great impression, casino operators devote great attention to their banking section. After all, players start off their experience with a deposit, and if they got lucky, normally end it with a cashout.

Flexepin is a great deposit option for those players who want to experience safe, simple and instant funds transfer. Just make sure you know how to go through the process and get started with your real money online gambling experience.

Step 1: Find an online casino site that includes Flexepin vouchers as a potential payment method. With their current rate of expansion, players shouldn’t have to search too much before they land on the site that offers their preferred game software paired with the banking service.

Step 2: Register for an account with the platform and access the site with your player account credentials. Next off, head to the banking section and select Flexepin - in the new window, enter the 16-digit PIN, as well as the amount of your transaction. Confirm it and wait for the money to be processed to your online casino player e-wallet.

Step 3: The service offers immediate transfer of funds, and players should be able to start playing with their funds in no time. Even if you are certain of the casino’s reliability, an added precaution would be to check its URL at the merchant service, if you want to be extra cautious.

In terms of banking that facilitates the online casino experience, Bitcoin is also a popular choice. While the Flexepin voucher does not offer this as one of the available currencies, it has recently entered into partnership with exchange services and crypto platforms. This way, players can obtain their needed crypto coins through one of the simplest cash-to-crypto purchases, and indirectly improve their online gambling.

Withdrawals are currently unavailable through this service. Even though most players would recommend using a single banking method for deposits and withdrawals, Flexepin users are free to choose a different one.

For those that want to switch to a more traditional choice of banking options, there are a range of bank transfers, credit and debit cards, as well as checks for withdrawal purposes. Otherwise, more up-to-date methods include the top e-wallets like Skrill and Neteller, PaySafeCard cards and similar online payment processors.

Advantages of Flexepin Voucher

  • Safety & Security – The service runs a close inspection on all their partnering merchants, ensuring they all use encryption certificates and maintain a track record of reliable services. On top of it, their voucher guarantees safe storage of user funds with no chance of compromising personal information.
  • Availability – The company is still expanding their coverage, but the vouchers are now available on multiple continents and thus provide users with a wide range of available merchants and distributors.
  • Support – Online casino players normally address the customer service at their chosen casino site, but for inquiries about the voucher specifically, they are also free to contact Flexepin via the dedicated email address.
  • Merchant benefits – Merchants who have chosen to partner with the payment processing service experience a range of benefits. For one, they attract more customers, especially new-comers who are particularly interested in this banking option. Thus, they increase revenue and market presence, and ultimately advance their own business.
  • Distributor benefits – Distributors that have agreed to sell Flexepin vouchers at their retail locations also increase customer base. Additionally, they improve their overall brand recognition, especially since they offer the impression of keeping up with all latest trends.

Disadvantages of Flexepin Voucher

  • Limited coverage – There are still countries and regions which are unable to use the voucher to perform payments, online or at land-based venues. Yet, these blank points should be resolved in no time.
  • Convenience Fee – As mentioned earlier, a portion of the voucher’s user base, residing in Canada, is subject to a convenience fee. They pay this small charge along with the full value of the voucher of their choosing – while it is practically insignificant in comparison to the actual voucher funding, it is seen as a disadvantage by some users.
  • Limited currency options – The choice of currency has yet to expand beyond the Australian and Canadian Dollar, the Euro and British Pound. Users have expressed their wishes for a wider spectrum, and the voucher company is working hard to meet demands.

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Can I claim a No Deposit Bonus offer even if I chose Flexepin as a payment method?

As long as you meet the requirements to qualify for the No Deposit bonus – newly registered, without any funding to the player account – you are free to claim any player promotion available at your casino site.

Is there an expiration date of the voucher?

The card can be used continuously, but it does have a Date of Use marked on it. This date marks the start of a fee charge for card maintenance, of the amount of $4 or the corresponding equivalent in other currencies.

Can I ask for a refund on the funds I paid for the voucher?

Yes, users can ask for a full refund from the date of issuance of the voucher, up until a year after the date of use, also specified on the car. Bear in mind that the PIN shouldn’t be used or changed (no payments should be performed) in order to get your refund approved.

What contact options are available for user inquiries and/or complaints?

An email address, as well as the contact form straight from the website are the options available to contact the customer support team of representatives.

Does Flexepin use any additional third party security service to encrypt the transaction processing they perform?

No, the voucher service actually pays a great deal of attention to ensuring high security and encryption certificates with all their partnering merchants. That way, they don’t have to put the safety of your funds into the hands of third-party companies; instead, it’s a direct transfer between the voucher and the verified merchant.