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eWallets have definitely stolen the spotlight in the online gambling industry in the last decade, and there’s a new player on the scene, Piastrix, about to take online casinos by storm. It was designed in Russia, for the purpose of catering to Russian users, but it got the recognition it deserved and then expanded its reach all throughout Europe. It is perfect for easy and affordable transactions across online casinos, so make sure you consider it as your option. Why choose Piastrix as your payment method across online casinos?

Getting Started with Piastrix

Piastrix was presented to the world not that long ago, in 2020. It is a solution launched in Russia, St. Petersburg, with the aim to facilitate Russian users’ online banking, making it as effortless and affordable as possible. But, even though launched for Russian users, its potential was actually recognized by many other European countries that were more than eager to offer it to their users. So, the solution extended its reach beyond Russia. 

What’s its secret, you may ask? Well, considering it is an eWallet, it is the solution that connects all of your payment methods into one single account, so that your online banking is made way easier. You just access that account and fund it with the method you want, and use it whenever you want to. The best part is, not only does it give you the chance to use your bank account to fund it, as well as debit and credit cards, but other eWallets, too, as well as some cryptocurrencies! When ready, you can use your account via your desktop but also mobile device, and you can additionally download its app for even more convenient banking, done in a few simple taps on your smartphone. 

Now, if a Russian player, you know that there are not that many payment methods you can use as an online casino player, mainly due to your country’s restrictions and regulations. But with Piastrix, all your problems are solved. You can make safe and secure deposits and withdrawals using your own currency, the Russian ruble, although the US dollar, the euro and the Kazakhstani tenge are also your options, but you can also use some of the world’s most popular cryptocurrencies, BitcoinTether and Ethereum

Getting started with it is pretty simple, actually, so you'll have no trouble finding your way around it. Considering it is an eWallet, as you would assume, you would need to create an account. First, go to its official website and read the Privacy and Data Protection Policy, to discover the way the solution will protect your data. Then, just click or tap on the Sign-Up button. You’ll see that all you’ll need to do is enter your active email and password, accept the Terms of Use and that’s about it. Your account will immediately be active. 

But, considering security is of its primary concern, to ensure your data is safe after you accept the Terms of Use, you will get an email containing a 6-digit activation code to authenticate your email address. Locate that code and enter it on the confirmation page. You will see the green checkmark right away, informing you that your account is all up and ready to be used. 

We mentioned that you can fund this account using various payment methods. Now, in addition to cards issued by major Russian banks, you can fund your account using a SWIFT bank transfer, VISAMasterCard, as well as other eWallets like QIWI and Perfect Money. Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Tether and Ethereum are also your options, as are AlfaBank, Beeline and Payeer. So, all you need to do is choose which one of these you’ll use and top up your eWallet account with money. You can deposit up to 30,000 RUB on your eWallet account monthly. But, if you want higher limits and full access to all banking services, you would need to further verify your identity

To do that, you would need to provide your full name and date of birth, among other personal details, but also attach a copy of an ID document. This document can be an ID or a passport, both the front and back sides scanned. Attach the scan as a PNG, JPG or PDF document on the designated field. Then, take a selfie while holding the same document, keeping in mind to also have the last 4 digits of the ID visible on the picture, and attach that selfie, as well. Wait for Piastrix's confirmation and as soon as it vets and confirms your identity, you'll be able to fully use your account. 

How to Deposit Using Piastrix

Now that you know how easy it is to get started with and how safe it is, you should know that the solution is becoming quite popular across online casinos. You will find at least three dozen of online casino sites that offer it as a payment method already. So, you should have no problem finding one that would suit your preferences to join. After you do, the depositing process will be quite straightforward. 

Just create an account with the casino you like, and go through the following steps: 

  1. Visit the casino’s Banking/Cashier/Payment Methods page. 
  2. From the list of offered payment methods, locate Piastrix’s logo and press it. 
  3. After you’re redirected to the Login page on its official website, access your eWallet by entering your credentials. 
  4. Enter the amount you’d like to fund your online casino balance with. 
  5. Confirm your transaction and the money will instantly arrive on your balance. 

Is It Possible to Withdraw Using Piastrix?

Considering this is an eWallet, it is not only possible to make a withdrawal with it, but your withdrawal will be an incredibly fast one. You would need to go through the same procedure, as described for deposits, but this time, look for the solution in the Withdrawals section. 

Enter the amount of money you’d like to withdraw, and confirm your request. The casino will take its time to review the request, and after it ensures that you don’t have any wagering requirements left unmet, it will approve it. After it gets the approval, Piastrix will ensure the money lands on your eWallet account right away. 

Benefits of Using Piastrix

There are plenty of benefits to using Piastrix. One of the main is the fact that when you're depositing and withdrawing with it across online casinos, you never need to share any bank account or credit/debit card details with the operator. All you need to do is access your eWallet account using your credentials and make your transactions in the most secure way. 

On that note, we need to emphasize the fact that it is awesome to be used across online casinos since it allows you to make both deposits and withdrawals with it. Add to that the fact that it was designed for Russian users, and Russian players often have problems finding a proper method to use across online casinos, and the perks are obvious. 

Other than these important advantages, we should mention the various currencies and cryptocurrencies, and the many payment methods you can use to fund your eWallet account. Have all of these perks into account and you’ll see that you’ll choose it over any other method for online casino transactions, especially if you’re a player from Russia. 

Transaction Fees & Currencies Accepted

We said that the solution accepts several currencies, the Russian ruble, the euro, the US dollar and the Kazakhstani tenge. But we also said that it accepts cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin, Tether and Ethereum. So, these would all be options for you for depositing and withdrawing across online casinos. 

As far as fees are concerned, since this is an eWallet providing a third-party service, you should know that fees will be charged each time you’re funding the eWallet account. These fees would depend on the method you’ll be using for funding your account. For instance, with Perfect Money, there will be a 10% fee, with Ethereum a $10 fee, etc. But the best part is, these fees will only apply if your account has not been fully verified, but if you’ve verified your account, no fees would apply!

Popular Countries for This Method

Piastrix was launched in Russia, so it goes without saying that it is most popular within its borders. However, as we mentioned, the solution has expanded in other European countries, so its popularity grew all across Europe. 

Now, some of the countries where the solution is used the most are Armenia, Georgia, Belarus, Kazakhstan and Ukraine. Therefore, you can rest assured that as long as you are a player from any of these countries, you can use the eWallet whenever you want to. 

The Bottom Line

eWallets are the preferred payment method to many online casino players out there, but what's special about Piastrix is that it is suited and designed for Russian players. As you as well know, the online gambling laws in the country are not friendly, so to have a payment method that will allow you to transact with your own currency, the Russian ruble, and which allows you to fund it using your Russian bank account and plenty of other payment method options, is a bliss.

Add to that the fact that it can be used for both depositing and withdrawing across at least 30 online casinos, and there you have it, the perfect method to use as a Russian player. Sure, if you’re a player from the other eligible countries, it would suit your great, too, so make sure you register an account with it today, to take advantage of all the perks it can offer. 

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Does Piastrix offer any Customer Support?

Sure. The solution offers a 24-hour Customer Support service via the email address [email protected]. You can also contact the team via Telegram, Viber and the on-site contact form. Via most of these communication means, you can get support in Russian only, but via some, you can also get support in English. 

Is its website available in many languages?

In addition to the Russian language, obviously, you will get to explore its official website in English, too. No other languages are available. 

How to know that Piastrix is safe?

You can rest assured that this is a completely safe payment method to use, a PCI compliant one. It has all the communication encoded and protected with SECTIGO SSL encryption. 

Do transaction limits apply when using Piastrix?

The transaction limits would depend on the casino you join. Each casino has its own policy when it comes to how much it can be transacted with a payment method. Therefore, you would need to get in touch with the casino’s Customer Support team to learn whether any transaction limits apply. 

Can you reverse a transaction with Piastrix?

Yes. In case you made a wrong transaction or it failed in some way, you will get your money back. All you’ll need to do is contact its Customer Support team and wait for the instructions on how to reverse the transaction.