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The online gaming industry has seen some exponential growth in recent years, thus provoking a need for further improvements in all aspects of the practice. Game software developers are prompted to invent new gameplay elements for a more immersive and interactive gaming experience, while legal authoritative bodies strive to eliminate all potential shortcomings by even more explicit regulatory policies.

Just as well...

... payment services involved in processing deposit and withdrawal transactions to and from the chosen platforms have introduced new and advanced ways to perform their operations. Due to such efforts, many novel processing companies have appeared on the market, offering a variety of options when choosing how to store or transfer their hard earned cash for an optimal online gaming experience across casino platforms and the likes.

about neosurf

About Neosurf

Neosurf is a French-based online payment processing service, which was soon spread out beyond its original headquarters, catering to a global customer base. The company practically sells prepaid cards, characterized by a few unique features that managed to set it apart from the competition and result in a successful business venture.

Considering it is still growing and developing as an establishment:

Neosurf is yet to be available worldwide. Nonetheless, its prepaid card service can now be used by residents of numerous countries, including France, Belgium, Italy, Spain, Switzerland, and as of recently, Australia.

What is more...

The company has a widely expanded network of remote partners, allowing it to cover the territory of the African continent market as a whole. Known as Neosurf Authorized Resellers (NAR), these venues can be anything from a gas station, a supermarket, to a small shop or online platform.

Namely, the Neosurf Cards SAS company has an appointed mediator, the Xalt Pay LTD service in order to set up and maintain such remote authorized reseller locations across the globe.

Anyone interested?

Using the service can access a listed account of their network straight from the Neosurf website. While it was primarily available in French only, recent improvements have included a full-on English version of the site, making it much more widely accessible.

Types of Neosurf Cards

Types of Neosurf Cards

While the process of using Neosurf prepaid cards is quite simple and straightforward, it is recommendable that players and similar iGaming operators are well informed about all aspects of the service.

In this regard, when deciding to use a Neosurf prepaid card, players are advised to know more about the different types at their disposal:

  • Classic Neosurf card – This is the standard type of Neosurf prepaid card that can be found at all retail locations and authorised resellers alike. It is available in various amounts, ranging from €15, €30, €50 to €100, which customers pay upfront and can later use in various portions to fund their online gaming entertainment.

  • Minor Neosurf card – The same wide availability of the Classic Neosurf applies to this Minor Neosurf card type, as the sole distinction between the two is in the cash amount. Namely, this type was introduced as a €10 and €20 option for those players that may need that specific sum.



Once having chosen the Neosurf card type, and the specific amount that should meet individual player needs, it is advisable to look up the retail location closest to you. This is available through the localization tool straight from the service’s website, with the network of NARs and the bulk of services accepting this prepaid card provided for optimal customer convenience.

A notable feature

The quality of this prepaid service is the level of security it offers to its customer base. Namely, upon purchasing the Neosurf card, players are able to remain anonymous as no personal information, credit card details or even an email are required to purchase the card from a kiosk, per say.

While it avoids use and exposure of your personal data, the Neosurf card provides this privilege completely cost-free, as no fees or commissions have yet been introduced for the basic, regular operations.

The company does reserve the right...

...to alter this status at all times, and they have been known to impose some kind of fee on specific occasions, but without hindering its reputation as a stable, trustworthy and charge-free online casino payment method.

Other than these, the Neosurf card has a few other optional features that allow players to practice successful money management on the whole:

  • NeoCash MasterCard – The NeoCash MasterCard is a plastic MasterCard issued from Neosurf with the ability to be refilled. This option is available through the traditional standard methods – a bank wire transfer, your credit card or even using a Classic or Minor Neosurf prepaid card. Additionally, the NeoCash prepaid MasterCard is an accepted payment method for a number of online and offline retailers, making it all the more appealing.

  • MyNeosurf – MyNeosurf is a software application dedicated to potential and current Neosurf card users, as it allows anyone who accesses the app to order and purchase their own Neosurf prepaid card using the same standard methods – bank transfer, credit card, or by check.

deposit with Neosurf


Once players have been properly introduced with the various types and features of the card, it is time for the prepaid card itself, and its manner of functioning. Considering it does not require any information input during purchases, its use and management are bound to be just as simple. As you will see soon enough, once you get the card, all you need to do is choose the online website that has Neosurf listed as a payment option and insert the 10-digit code.

This is a secret code...

...unique for each card issued by Neosurf, which identifies it and the amount of credit it has so that customers simply need to state the specific sum they want to use and pay for a service, fund their Neosurf prepaid MasterCard card or deposit finances onto their player accounts. Whatever the purpose, it makes use of one and the same procedure.

Neosurf Card as an Online Casino Payment Method

For online casino payments particularly, the process of paying with a Neosurf prepaid card is none the different than in general.


All you need to do:

Check if it is listed as an available payment method by the operator – once you find the suitable casino platform accepting payments of this kind, the rest is the same as above.

Naturally, you will also need to set up a player account at the respective online casino of your choice, in order to enjoy the real money online gambling action it provides. Players are likely to be eligible to all the standard promotions and bonus offers characteristic of the industry, although this further depends on the operator’s approach.

Either way

Once players are ready to fund their player account at the respective online casino site accepting Neosurf cards as a payment method, they can do so using the same process. Namely, select it as a chosen banking option in order to get a pop-up window with the designated box where players are supposed to input the 10-digit code, recognized in the format 1234 567 890.

What is next?

All that’s left is to state the amount with which players would like to fund their account and let the fully encrypted system take care of the cash transfer. The card official website features a detailed video of the entire process, allowing novices to understand the process just as easily as any experienced player, shopper, etc. While it contains a part indicating the possibility to cash out your online gambling winnings, no operator has offered Neosurf as a withdrawal method so far.

Pro & Cons of Neosurf Prepaid Cards

Like any other online payment method, it has its fair share of advantages and shortcomings. Nevertheless, when choosing the appropriate payment facilitator service for your player needs, it is always advisable to choose the one that has achieved a suitable balance between the two contrasts, and Neosurf is definitely a suitable option.


One of the major benefits...

...is its security, being one of its most notable characteristics at the same time. More specifically, this prepaid card does not require the customer to share any personal information during their purchase, which can be done at numerous locations globally.

On top of that:

Once they have made the purchase and made the request to deposit their desired amount at the online casino player account, security is further emphasized by the 128-bit encryption certificates. This is an advantage in itself, as it manages to comply with industry standards on the security and player protection level at online casinos and other gambling entities and at the same time stands for the latest invention in online gaming security.

Efficient and transparent money management is yet another major plus available through this prepaid card format. Customers pay the specific amount for the card prior to using any of it or transfer it directly from their bank or credit card accounts, thus making them more aware of the precise amount they are left to gamble with. While the activity is the same, this approach has been seen as an effective way of reducing overspending practices during online gambling endeavors.


The NeoCash MasterCard is yet another benefit

It provides its users with all the benefits mentioned above, and the added functionality of a regular payment method at many online and offline retail locations. In fact, this NeoCash MasterCard, can be treated and employed as a credit card rather than online prepaid payment method at a range of casino sites, with players requesting transactions by following the corresponding instructions.

In reference to the balance mentioned beforehand...

...disadvantages should be identified and analyzed just as carefully. The main inconvenience that Neosurf prepaid card users may face during their experience is the geographical limitations with regard to its use.

One example is the US market that offers an untapped customer base of massive proportions, but there are still quite a few countries with Neosurf retail venues or suitably authorized resellers.

Limited Language

A language barrier was also present as a potential disadvantage, as the Neosurf’s official website was solely available in its native language – French. This inconvenienced everyone who didn’t speak the language as their mother tongue or second language but was later remedied as the site was made fully available in a corresponding English version.

Moreover, some users have been known to point out to the matter of fees as a potential disadvantage. While current policies have eliminated all charges for customers using the regular banking methods to fund accounts, there are some features and requests which may see them facing a fee.


The Neosurf prepaid card service’s Terms & Conditions state that they retain every right to alter this fee-related policy, meaning that customers may become subject to any amount of charges should the service impose them, as unlikely as that is.

Neosurf Payment Method Fees and Facts

Available accounts
1 account
Available currencies
One time signup bonus
Account management fees
Account unused
Exchange fees (FX)
2% (3% for the currency ZLOTY)
p2p Money transfer
Send money p2p
Receive money p2p
Deposit fees
Bank transfer
Credit card
Withdraw fees
Bank transfer
Prepaid card at the ATM
Fee varies dependent on ATM bank
To merchant site

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Can players claim any bonuses and promos if they choose Neosurf?

Yes, unless the bonus or promotion is specifically dedicated for a specific processing service, players at Neosurf casino platforms should be able to claim all player benefits without any obstacles.

Is there any online casino that offers Neosurf as a withdrawal option?

So far, no operator has reported having processed a request and paid out a player’s withdrawal with the payment facilitator Neosurf, even though the short video guide on the company’s official site is more than enough indication of the service capacity to process both types of transactions.

Is there any authoritative body regulating Neosurf and similar services, like those for online casino operators?

Yes, the UK Financial Conduct Authority is the authoritative body under whose registration Neosurf is currently able to provide its services on the European Economic Area and beyond. In a way, it is the equivalent to gambling jurisdictions and commissions which license and regulate the operators.

If the NeoCash prepaid MasterCard really does function as a credit card and is accepted at online casinos as such, could I make regular withdrawals from its balance?

Yes, any NeoCash MasterCard user can withdraw from their card balance at an ATM using the PIN code, like they would have done with any other debit or credit card.

In which languages is the official Neosurf website available?

The official Neosurf website was originally available in French, and later on in English for the international customer base. Nowadays, it is available at about a dozen different language versions for a more dedicated approach: Spanish, Italian, German, Greek, Japanese, Portuguese, Romanian, Polish, Chinese and Dutch.