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Neosurf vs. Payz Casinos


Neosurf vs. Payz Casinos

Online casino banking has been a crucial segment of the industry, and largely responsible for the growth and development of the same. After all, for all the high-end gaming content available at the platforms, operators would still not have been able to profit if it weren’t for suitable payment processors handling the transactions.

Social casinos…

… which offer gambling entertainment just-for-fun are still successful, but the revenue they accrue from other sources is quite different. What is more, real-money online casinos include the winning factor in the gameplay, so that players have just as much potential to earn some prizes from it.

No matter whether you prefer giving your casino a test run with a play-for-fun session or would rather skip to the real deal head on, the online banking methods are practically indispensable. Over the years, such services developed and evolved into numerous formats, moving from cash payments, through checks and credit or debit cards, to today’s latest online methods.

Speaking of which…

… these online payment processing solutions come in plenty of different formats. This opened a whole new range of possibilities for not only online casino enthusiasts, but practically anyone interested in making online transactions.

Over time…

… this had a considerably significant effect on the rise and progress of e-commerce in general, with online gambling operators, e-merchants, online retail and service providers seeing their business benefit just as much as the customers. The most prominent online payment services indisputably contributed the most to this effect, especially since they manage to attract the most customers to the e-commerce platforms respectively.

Out of the e-wallet online banking services, several names have continuously ranked among the top popular choices. Reputability, reliability and convenience of service have distinguished brands such as Skrill, Netelleras well as Trustly, Payz and Neosurf from the rest of the lot, with most online casino players and customers alike choosing between them for their online payments.

Bearing in mind…

… the fact that each of these may have a specific approach to providing the same services, it is best to do some research on your options beforehand. When it comes down to choosing between Neosurf and Payz, or simply considering their features to compare with a third method, the following overview should come in handy.

About Neosurf

The Neosurf brand…

… was founded back in 2004, in Paris, France, as an internet prepaid voucher service. Over the years, it managed to spread out and has nowadays become one of the most secure and accessible, yet easy to use banking methods. It is available in America, Africa and Asia, as well as across countries on its home continent.

The main reason for its success is the nature of the service it provides. Basically, prepaid vouchers issued by the brand are sold across the world in authorized stores, and can directly be used for online payments, without demanding any detailed personal or banking information from the users themselves. And with so many security concerns in today’s digital sphere, these and some more advantages, as illustrated below, are most sought after.

About Payz

Founded back in 2000, Payz…

… was initially known as ecoCard before it went through a rebranding process in 2013. This gave the e-wallet service a whole new look and name, and allowed it to incorporate even more services under its umbrella.

Nowadays, it is a global payment processing method accepting users from all over the world, processing their online orders, payments or online casino deposits and withdrawals in a fast and secure manner.

Neosurf vs. Payz

Evidently so, both services have a lot to offer to their user pool, but this could get as confusing as it is convenient. With new and innovative features being added to the existing services, as well as completely new product launches of the brands building up the market offering, it is best to gain some information and make an educated decision on the matter of choosing.

Payment Methods Comparation

Paypal Neteller
Payment method name Neosurf Payz
Available accounts 1 account 1 account
Available currencies NZD, AUD, EUR, CAD, GBP, PLN 45
One time signup bonus - n/a
Account management fees Free free
Account unused - Account maintenance after inactivity of 12 months; 1.50 EUR per month
Exchange fees (FX) 2% (3% for the currency ZLOTY) n/a
p2p Money transfer
Send money p2p - Transfer to/from ecoPayz Merchant; Free
Receive money p2p - Free
Deposit fees
Bank transfer Free n/a
Instant bank transfer n/a 0.00-7.00%
Credit card Free 1.69-6.00%
Withdraw fees
Bank transfer 1.5% 2.00% (minimum charge €1.50)
Cheque n/a n/a
Prepaid card at the ATM Fee varies dependent on ATM bank n/a
To merchant site Free n/a
PrePaid Card n/a ecoCard
Requirements to order n/a No
Fee to order n/a Free
Membership n/a Yes
Costs for cash withdrawals at the ATM n/a Yes
ATM transaction decline fee n/a n/a
Costs at points of sale n/a n/a
Stop payment fee for preauthorized n/a n/a
Online bank statement n/a n/a
New PIN n/a €0.50 per request
New prepaid card n/a €12.50
Cash withdrawal at ATM limits/24h n/a Max daily (ATM) €1,500
Points of sale limits/24h n/a n/a
Delivery time n/a 7-21 business day
Available currencies NZD, AUD, EUR, CAD, GBP, PLN 45
Validation n/a 3 years
Cashback and promotions
Promotions n/a n/a
Additional bonus-programs n/a n/a
Two Factor Authentication n/a n/a
Fee to order n/a n/a
Delivery time n/a n/a
Money-back guarantee in case of fraud n/a n/a
Link to Terms & Conditions Visit Visit

User Account

The choice of account format, as well as the availability of one can be crucial for an online customer on the long run, which is why learning the features of each service individually can prepare you for the circumstances you’ll have to deal with later.


Neosurf doesn’t require any account registration, since it is an actual physical voucher prepaid card you can purchase at the nearest kiosk or Authorized Resellers (NARs). Interested individuals can pay for it right on the spot and then use it for online payments across all partnering merchants without sharing any personal or banking information with them.


… the service added the MyNeosurf functionality, a software app that will require interested users to sign up in order to use it. From the app, they can buy as many vouchers as they want, anywhere on the go (iOS, Android smartphones, tablets and computers).

In regard to the actual vouchers, they can be of several set values, ranging from €10 to €250, or the corresponding equivalent in your chosen currency. Speaking of which, if the merchant where you are looking to make a payment doesn’t accept your specific currency, you will have the amount converted according to the current rate, with a 2% fee for the service. Bear in mind, conversion to ZLOTY is the only one that charges 3% instead.

And while on the matter of charges, interested online casino players and users alike should also be aware of one other expense, however minute – after 6 months inactivity, the company charges €2 monthly maintenance fee.


Contrary to Neosurf…

… Payz has all the accounts you can think off, starting with the inherent ecoAccount e-wallet service. The brand additionally expanded their services as it progressed, and nowadays offers an ecoVoucher, both real and virtual, an ecoCard, as well as a business and merchant ecoAccounts. Each of these can be registered for free, but you’ll still need to face a maintenance fee like the former lot – 1.50 EUR a month is charged from each account that hasn’t been active for 12 months or more.

Account holders will additionally be charged a currency conversion fee. Once calculated into your target currency according to the latest FX rates, the service charges 2.99% of the amount. Still, with each account holder being able to choose up to 10 currencies, and about 40 options at their disposal, there is more than enough to avoid the charges.

Payments, Deposits & Withdrawals

Processing payments is their main functionality, so make sure you’re okay with the mechanisms that are employed by both brands before deciding to go with one service or the other.


Once you have chosen…

… whether you want to get the voucher online or from a land-based vendor, there isn’t much left to do but decide on the specific amount. Online casino players and users alike will only need to find a partnering merchant that accepts the payment method and employ the 10-character alphanumeric code from their card to complete the transaction.

In this regard…

… payments via Neosurf are mostly done in one direction, although the service explicitly states that both deposits and withdrawals or refunds are available through the Neosurf payment channels. Still, with no online casino yet featuring it in their withdrawal banking section, it is only theoretical.


Once you register for an e-wallet account with Payz…

… you will all but have a range of services to choose from. This is so due to the fact that even before you verify your banking info, you are restricted to the functionalities of the Classic ecoAccount. Merchant transfers for these users are limited to 1,000 EUR a day, while those on upper levels (Silver, Gold, Platinum and VIP) get to transact from 15,000 to 30,000 EUR daily.

Once verified, your account will also be equipped to perform withdrawals, with a fee ranging between 5.9 to 10 EUR, or €2.9-€7 for VIPs.

In order to do all this, it is necessary that ecoAccount users primarily fund their respective e-wallet accounts. This can be done by the voucher of the same brand, credit and debit cards, as well as through direct bank transfer transaction, the money transfer service Western Union or other banking method.

Physical Card Availability

Physical plastic cards are often issued as part of the products and services offering of each respective online payment service. This shows the convenience of both methods, as it illustrates the e-wallets’ ability to adapt, and the regular plastic cards’ long-standing popularity throughout the years of change and development.


There is no point in expecting Neosurf to issue a plastic card in addition to their initial service, since it was actually based on that model of a prepaid voucher solution. Therefore, they have already included the card availability in their e-wallet service.


Payz, on the other hand, have a specific ecoCard option…

… available under their brand. While this was the name of the company at first, it was replaced in order to better differentiate between the options on offer. Nowadays, ecoAccount holders can actually apply for and get an ecoCard issued and delivered straight to their home addresses. This card is available to 31 EU/EEA countries only, and in no more than three currencies – Euro, GB Pound or US Dollar.

Anyone who has verified their account and reached at least the lowest, Silver level, will be eligible to apply for an ecoCard, and perform transactions free of charge. Withdrawals from it, however, are subject to 2.00%, with a minimum of €1.50, while currency conversion charges remain the same.

In addition, you will also be subject to a fee for getting a PIN reminder - €0.50, or getting your card replaced in case you lost it - €12.50.

User Benefits

Many online banking services turn to promos and user bonus programs as a way to seem more attractive to the potential user pool. Much like online casinos, these marketing services are quite useful acquisition and customer retention tools.


Neosurf’s bonus program…

… isn’t very much competitive, but it is still rather generous and encouraging for each user individually. It is known as NeoMiles, and represents a system of collecting points through each transaction they make, with the points later available for purchase or discounts at the dedicated online gift shop.


The user ranks mentioned earlier…

… are actually part of the Payz VIP Loyalty program. To reach each level, you need to meet a set threshold regarding the amount transacted through the users’ account.

In return…

… said users get a range of benefits and advantages, such as the currency conversion fee reduction mentioned previously. What is more, higher amount limits on account funding, payments and withdrawals are also available, along with more cost-efficient charges for specific transactions, especially cashouts.


The matter of security has remained of primary importance from the early beginnings of cashless payments up until today. However, while banks had already enjoyed the benefit of being considered reputable and reliable when they started issuing credit and debit cards, these online services needed to comply with all sorts of regulations and standards in order to achieve the same.


The Neosurf brand has been licensed and authorized as an Authorized Electronic Money Institution by no other than the UK Financial Conduct Authority. It complies with the Electronic Money Regulations 2011, as well as other measures and national provisions in the countries whose residents it services.


Security is just as important over at Payz’ offices, which is more than evident from their compliance with Payment Card Industry (PCI) standards, as well as Data Security Standards (DSS). Their card is issued in collaboration with MasterCard, a proven credit card processor, while the service as a whole (the company PSI-Pay Ltd behind the brand) is licensed and regulated by the UK FCA.

With all the formalities that they have taken to maintain in order to prove their reliability in the online banking world, their reputation and impeccable track record speak the loudest. What is more, since 2016, they have decided to put some of that responsibility back into the hands of individual users by offering 2-factor authentication. That way, users can activate the feature and have the service confirm their identity during each login or transaction operation using a one-time code.

All in all…

… there is no doubt in Neosurf and Payz’ dedication to optimal service for each of their user pools. Still, while preference is bound to have the last word, learning more about each of their key features and functionalities is just as likely to help the decision-making process. Even if you end up choosing a third method, knowing your options is the best position a customer can hold.

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Written by: Shelly Schiff